Obviously it was great to get a series win against the Astros, but after starting the season against the Pirates, Diamondbacks, Brewers, and Astros, none of us can say we would have been happy with the Cubs coming out of that stretch at just .500. Still, here we are.

  • I told you to be afraid of Jeff Samardzija in the rotation. Mike Quade: “[Samardzija’s] most likely to be effective out of the bullpen. .  .  . But for a week from now, it’s all hands on deck, and he’ll do whatever we need. Everything is on the table.”
  • Samardzija sounds downright giddy about the possibility: ‘‘That’d be great. I feel all my pitches are there. For me, it’s all about attacking the hitters and keeping the pitch count down. I thought I did that [Tuesday], thought I made some really good pitches.’’ Samardzija gave up two earned on three hits and a walk in three innings on Tuesday.
  • As for the guys for whom he’d be filling in, neither Randy Wells nor Andrew Cashner is expected to start throwing and rehabbing until next week. Grumble.
  • It sounds like we might see Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney at the top of the order for a little while yet.
  • A word on Tyler Colvin: yes, he’s struggling. Badly. But, setting aside Fukudome’s injury, talk about setting up a kid to fail – he plays almost exclusively against lefties, and now he bats 8th when he does? If he sees a fastball in the zone, I’ll eat my hat. And it’s one of those ten gallon hats. Fifteen, even.
  • Willis

    Yeah having him 8th doesn’t make sense. Watching that last night, he was being fed off speed and if he could just learn to lay off it…well he can’t so why the hell not move him around and see if he can get on track? Problem is who goes into the 8th hole. Fuk would be ok there when he gets healthy. But I agree, Colvin isn’t doing well but the opportunities to do well haven’t necessarily been abundant.

  • TWC

    All Spellcheck’s pitches are “there”, as long as by “there” he means “not in the strike zone”.

    What a delusional ass. He must not have been watching his 4 BB performance the other night. ‘Course, if he wasn’t watching that explains his inability to throw a strike.

  • pfk

    I love how he says he threw some really good pitches. I’m sure he did, like, oh, 3 or 4 of them. All the rest of the pitches sucked. Gotta string em together dude – not one here and one there. The next time the Cubs are in Wrigley and horsing around in the outfield before the game, Q ought to tell Spellcheck to “go deep, I’ll throw you one.” While he’s running and looking back for the ball, the grounds crew ought to open the Sheffield Ave. gate, let him run through it and then shut it behind him.

  • Hogie

    “[Samardzija’s] most likely to be effective out of the bullpen. .  .  ”

    In other words, Spellcheck sucks, but if he is going to suck less, it will be because he is used in short doses.

  • Jeffy

    Actually, considering our performance last year, I’m sort of pleasantly surprised that we’re at .500….

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      I completely agree, Jeffy! Sure, we have lost some close ones, but those were mostly due to mental mistakes and a few errors, not simply just because we couldn’t compete. Its nice to see Soriano hitting for some power again and a couple of guys hitting over .300. Last year if we were down in a game, it was over. We would rarely come back and tie it up. We would rarely score early in a game. I have seen them do both of those more this year already than they ever did last year. The guys are showing some heart this year at least.

    • Ace

      And I suppose considering how awful Dempster/Z/Garza have been, plus the injuries to Wells and Cashner.

  • jstraw

    I despise Samardzija. He’s a goddam tarbaby.

    • miggy80

      Debacle, Catch 22, FUBAR, blue ruin, breakdown, collapse, crack-up, defeasance, disaster, dissolution, downfall, failure, fiasco, havoc, ruination, shellacking, trouncing, vanquishment, washout, wreck, catastrophe. Just some other words you can use next time.

      • Ace

        Definitely like defeasance.

  • awesome

    on Colvin: the thing is, who is he? the first 1/2 guy of 2010 or the 2nd 1/2 guy? agree hitting him 8th is not good, but is he another Rick Ankiel?

    • pfk

      Colvin is at a crossroads in his career at the moment. When a good player comes up from the minors, pitchers don’t have a book on him and until they do, the rookie may hit for a high average. Ultimately, after half a season, pitchers get a book on him on how to get him out – his weak spots. This happened to Colvin last year. Now, he has to adjust to this and either learn how to hit the pitches they are using to get him out or learn to lay off them. Colvin has done neither – yet. The only way he is going to learn is to get consistent playing time. Sending him down won’t help as AAA pitchers aren’t good enough. He needs to learn at the Major League level. The sad fact is, most never learn to adjust – witness Patterson, Pie, Walton. On the other hand, Soto had a problem but he is adjusting well. So far, there is no book on Castro, which is amazing. Colvin is talented and I think he will learn to adjust – but not if he only plays sparingly.

      • Ace

        Spot on. The Cubs aren’t doing him any favors, but this is the time he’s got to make adjustments (like learning to lay off the low and away breaking stuff).