Allow this post to serve as your reassurance: Carlos Zambrano is not retreating into former bad habits, and there’s no bad blood between Zambrano and Cubs manager Mike Quade.

To what am I referring? When he was yanked last night in the 6th inning after giving up five runs, capped off by a two-run homer, Zambrano stormed off the mound and didn’t wait on the mound for Quade to arrive so that he could give Quade the ball. Oh no! Z being Z! It’s all over!


“I didn’t get there quick enough,” Quade later joked with reporters before saying that he didn’t really care. “I should have been there sprinting.”

Quade said that, as long as the pitcher doesn’t just drop the it, he’s fine with however he gets the ball.

For his part, Zambrano was equal parts apologetic and confused.

“I apologized to [Quade],” Zambrano said of the non-incident. “I didn’t realize he wasn’t on the mound. The last thing I want to do is disrespect the manager. I’ve been here 10 years. I’ve never had trouble with any manager, not Dusty [Baker] or Lou [Piniella] or Don Baylor. Q is a great guy. It was my mistake.”

See? No issue. No worries. Well, I mean, no worries other than the five runs he gave up. Carry on.


  • pfk

    Kudos to Kerry Wood for being a team leader and going up and telling Z what he did was wrong and he should apologize to Q. Kudos to Z for totally agreeing and immediately going to Q and apologizing. Z gets into such a zone when he’s mad at himself and just wasn’t thinking. I don’t think it was intentional.

    • Ace

      And then Wood smashed Z’s boombox.

      • pfk


      • pfk

        Is Michael Barrett still in baseball?

  • jonathan

    i bet when Q goes to vegas, he always stays one too many hands at the blackjack table

    • 1060Ivy

      Like 99.9% of the population

  • jonathan

    and i agree with Q about taking too long to walk to the mound..he should have started about 10 pitches earlier

    • Kenny L.

      HaHa. Funny.

    • Jeff

      This seems to be developing into a bad habit of his.

  • Terry

    I agree about Colvin if he keeps batting eighth he wont see good pitches, at least give him a chance a little earlier in the lineup where he might get something to hit.