How can a guy be striking out an amazing 12 per 9, and yet be so hittable? Such has been the dual nature of Matt Garza for the Cubs. I know, I know, if you pound the strike zone, you’re going to get hit, but guys of that ilk – guys like Carlos Silva, for example – generally don’t also strike out so many. Usually, if you’ve got the stuff to miss bats, guys aren’t squaring up and drilling line drives when they do make contact. Better luck, Casey Coleman…

  • Marlon Byrd wants to close the book on his controversial 9th inning steal attempt last week. He took to his blog yesterday to offer a missive that doesn’t really explain a whole lot (though you leave it feeling like Byrd is undoubtedly right and a cool dude), but it’s interesting nevertheless. Among the highlights:

The big thing about me is I don’t throw managers under the bus, I don’t throw coaches under the bus. The best way for me to keep DeJesus’ name, Dernier’s name and Quade’s name out of the media and my name not attached to any negativity is to not say anything. That was the only way I could get my point across to the media that day.

When you see it on ESPN or MLB Network, nobody knows the reasoning and it makes me look bad. I don’t mind that. Again, the whole point was it was handled internally and kept that way. I didn’t come out and say anything. Nobody is sure what happened and if people want to put the blame on me, that’s fine. I don’t mind that….

I will always have my coaches backs, my whole organization’s back — all the way from the Ricketts to the clubhouse guys to the janitors to the guys working at Wrigley. I think I have respect in this game and a lot of people understand where I was coming from. The main thing was to have Mike Quade and the 25 guys on this team understand where I’m coming from and they did.

  • The Cubs will decide on this week’s fifth starter some time today. The candidates are James Russell, Jeff Samardzija, and recently-signed, AAA-depth-guy Ramon Ortiz. You have to wonder at what point the Cubs will consider bringing up a youngster to take a crack at it.
  • Not being considered? Former starter, Sean Marshall. And he’s fine with it: “[Joining the rotation] has been in the back of my mind of my mind a little bit. But I think we have got some guys who are very capable of doing it. Casey Coleman fits really well in the starting rotation, and as long as we can find somebody who can get us through that fifth hole for the next week or so until Wellsy or Cash comes back, I think we’ll be fine.”
  • Carlos Zambrano’s apology to Mike Quade for leaving the mound early the other night wasn’t necessary, according to Quade. “I just didn’t think it was that big a deal. I really didn’t.” See? I told you: no beef.
  • jstraw

    I love you Marlon but no one ever believes that “It’s not you…it’s me…” crap.

    Telling the world who you refuse to throw under the bus is kinda like…throwing them under the bus. I really don’t care…I mean if the decision to run wasn’t yours…it wasn’t yours. But don’t sit there not telling me who’s it was besides…you know, not yours…and playing the standup-guy card. Keeping your mouth shut normally involves not opening it.

    I’m going to cross post this on Marlon’s blog but like the last one, it’ll get deleted.

    And I really do love Marlon.

  • jonathan

    why not trade for another starter? think the red sox would take castro, colvin and barney for dice-k and wakefield?
    (crap..ive been suffering through the hendry era for too long)

    • Ace

      Wow, dude. No. No, no, no, no.

      The Red Sox would give the Cubs Dice-K for FREE if the Cubs took on his contract. There is *literally* no player on the Red Sox worth Castro right now. Please wash your brain of any such thoughts.

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        He was being sarcastic.

        • Ace

          My sarcasm detector (and reading ability) is on the fritz.

  • Derrick

    Why not a youngster, bring up Rafael Dolis kid has a big arm maybe will discover something here.

    • Ace

      I suspect the Cubs are thinking about things like that, but are probably concerned with jacking up a kid’s development.

  • Cheryl

    There is certainly talent to bring up, but will the cubs bite the bullet anddemote or trade anyone?

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    I believe Hendry thinks the Cubs can contend this year and will let the season run it’s course without any bold moves. He can always use the no-trade clauses and big contracts as reasons. I could see Jackson being called up and moving Byrd out of CF.

    • Bric

      I agree the only moves Hendry’s would likely be Byrd or possibly Fuk. I could see the Red Sox giving us Ellsbury for Byrd considering thier power problems right now and how left handed their outfield is but that would only be if the Cubs have further injuries and want to get younger quick. I could see Fuk maybe going to the Braves if they take most of his remaining salary.

  • Dave

    Koyie Hill just got a hit!

    • TWC

      “Got a hit” in the sense that all of the planets aligned and the gravitational forces did weird things to the ball. Yeah. Weeeeeird.

      • Dave

        Best hitter ever. He hits from twice as many sides of the plate as Ted Williams did.

        • Ace


    • jh

      I actually watched that “hit” live here in Denver and swear I lifted out of my seat as the gravitational pull shifted. I think the Rox fans here thought he was a contest winner when he batted. Perhaps the pitcher too…

      • Ol’CharlieBrown

        I was there too! I was totally astonished that Hill not only put down a nice bunt but also was able to run it out in time. Not to mention the fact that he got on base in a way that didn’t involve being walked or hit by a pitch.

        • Ace

          It’s *because* all of you were there to support him.