I know what you’re thinking. Surely Ace is going to highlight Koyie Hill’s hit (OMG LOL!).

But no. This was too solid of a win to be sullied by pointing out such a triviality. Casey Coleman was huge. Starlin Castro was dominant. Everybody (except Marlon Byrd and John Grabow) was impressive in their own way. And then, there’s this guy…

  • Dave

    Starlin Castro is an ok ballplayer. John Grabow is not.

    • Ace

      These are facts.

  • jim

    yep, sori shud be batting fifth. rookie mgr no want hurt big money’s pena feelings!

    • Ace

      Soriano makes almost twice as much as Pena. Just sayin’.

  • pfk

    Hill’s it is not trivial. OMG, it is major news! He might be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. It measured a 6.5 on the Richter scale.

  • pfk


  • pfk

    On a serious note…once again Byrd has shown he’s not good in the 3 hole. He has batted there all season and he has no home runs and only 4 RBIs. Barney, Colvin, Castro, Baker Ramirez and Soriano all have more RBIs. He’s a good ballplayer and a good leader but just doesn’t belong hitting 3rd. He’s 9th on the team in OBP; 8th in SLG.

    • Ace


      • Michigan Goat

        What about flipping Sori and Byrd in the lineup… or where do you think Byrd needs to be batting.

  • Bric

    Ace, not to get off topic, but one of the reasons the Cubs continue to produce players like Fuld they don’t have room for while positions they don’t have much minor league talent in like 1st and 3rd is because they always draft and trade for outfielders. Any chance of moving Burgess to 1st base now to prepare for the future?

    • Ace

      I think I’ve read that Burgess might be moved to first base anyway because of some range issues in the OF (his arm is apparently a cannon, however). The Cubs simply haven’t drafted a big name 1B prospect since Brian Dopirak almost 10 years ago. I understand drafting athletes – and I agree with it – but I’m with you: unless one of these athletes is going to play the corner IF spots, the Cubs will always have a glut of fringe types in the outfield. And it’s even worse if they keep signing guys like Fukudome, Byrd, etc.

  • Serio

    Sori’s Locked in.