Laughing Because It Isn’t the Cubs: Five Finger Discount

Hopefully the Chicago Cubs continue paying their players well enough – and, in some cases, *very* well enough – so that they don’t have to steal $59 worth of t-shirts from Macy’s.

Such is not the case for the Cincinnati Reds. Pitcher Mike Leake was arrested yesterday after he allegedly removed the tags from six t-shirts and walked out of a Cincinnati Macy’s department store without paying for them. He’s been charged with theft, and his initial appearance in court will be later today.

Leake makes near the Major League minimum, but that’s still over $400,000. That’s probably enough to pay for a bunch of less-than-$10-apiece shirts.

From now on, if you see Leake approaching your garage sale, you might want to watch him a little more closely as he eyes your Star Wars collectables.

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One response to “Laughing Because It Isn’t the Cubs: Five Finger Discount”

  1. roughriider

    At 23 this kid should know better. He needs to spend about a week in jail and a fine of about half of his pay for that week. He also should be suspended for 10 days by MLB after he gets out of jail and forced to get help.