Tonight’s Cubs/Padres game has been postponed, and will be made up tomorrow as part of a day-night doubleheader. The games will be played at 1:20 and 6:05 (both times CST).

Apparently it is pouring now and not expected to let up any time soon – and there’s the matter of the low 20s wind chill this evening.

With the Cubs’ plan to go with an all bullpen effort today, the rainout is a bit of a kick in the grapes. Specifically, things could get dicey tomorrow in whichever game is the non-bullpen game (because the bullpen could be all used up and/or needing to be saved).

UPDATE: Sounds like the plan is to go with Matt Garza in game one and the bullpen cavalcade (James Russell to start) in game two. So what happens if Garza struggles early in the first game? Or the first game is high scoring but close and requires a number of relievers? Does Quade hold back knowing that he might need several pitchers in the second game? What a crappy position to be in, but it’s self-made – there was just no reason not to have a young starter ready to go by now.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    I sure would like to see Cub ownerhip put the fans above their wallets. How about rescheduling all rainouts as (forgive me for being naive) old-fashioned noon doubleheaders.

    • pfk

      Money! By breaking them up they sell tickets twice.

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Yes, it’s all about the money.

  • Bric

    I’m thinking this is a blessing in disguise. Hopefully (and probably) Quade is gonna let Garza let loose for six innings. Sink or swim, we’ll see what Garza’s really all about when there’s no one behind him. As a competitor, I think he’ll stand up and we’ll see the guy who pitched in the World Series. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll have no one or thing to blame his performance on. Win-win.

  • Willis

    Yeah I was saying earlier that even if Garza is shitty again, he has a longer leash and is competitive enough hopefully to bounce back and not put Quade in a tough position. This is when your good pitchers really need to step up and I know he can be up for the challenge, let’s hope he is. Because game two will be taxing on the pen, we know that for certain.

    • Ian James

      I’m predicting a great game from Garza and then back to mediocrity when the pressure is off him.
      He seems like that kinda guy.

  • TWC

    So what happens if Garza struggles early in the first game?

    Pull him early and let him start the night game!

  • Cheryl

    If nothing burns out the pitching staff, this will. Why couldn’t one or two pitchers be brought up? Don’t they have 38 roster spots and are entitled to 40?

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      Uh, there’s a 25 man roster in MLB. If the Cubs call up 2 pitchers for tomorrow they’ll have to send someone else out.

  • pfk

    This is one poorly managed organization. Notice Hendry is making the rounds with the media defending the situation – a sure sign that he has done a poor job with the pitching situation.

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      I find myself agreeing with a lot of your posts.

      • Ace

        You’re both old school. I dig.

        • Raymond Robert Koenig

          Thanks, Ace! Not to write off this season but the 2011 – 2012 offseason is going to be a very important one for the long-term future of the Cubs. I hope Hendry is not a part of it.

  • Cardfan

    58? That would be generous by about 20 degrees.
    Frickin’ cold in this town. Can’t wait to get home.
    It’s late April, people, this is just wrong…

    • Ace

      Forecast for St. Louis: Sunny with a chance of murder.