The fact that the Cubs came into the game conceding a loss does not soften the blow. Indeed, it only serves to make me more frustrated – had the Cubs made the reasonable organizational decision to have a STARTER in position to start the game, they might have won. As it was, Russell crapped the bed once again (once again against one of the worst lineups in baseball). But I have no animosity for Russell – just the Cubs.

  • Curt

    Anyone ready to pull the plug on Pena yet and give Colvin an extended look at 1st and Yr right ace is our farm system so poor we can’t get 1 damn starter from anywhere c’mon hendry do Yr freaking job

    • wax_eagle

      In a word. No. When Pena finds his power stroke he is a lot better than Colvin. Colvin is not the answer at 1B (I dread the answer for next year).

      If the Cubs were serious about Colvin at 1B they wouldn’t have spent 10 million on Pena. He needs to play and he needs to perform.

      I am one of the people who does advocate cutting bait when someone isn’t performing, regardless of contract, but I think one year deals are an exception to that. When you are paying a guy to come fill a hole let him fill it.

      • Wickit

        I believe that fielder will be the Cubs 1B next year and years to come.

  • Michigan Goat

    Come on Rickettsia (that’s what auto correct produced for Ricketts. “Rickettsia is a genus of non-motile, Gram-negative, non-sporeforming, highly pleomorphic bacteria”-Wikipedia… I hope this isn’t a omen)… Isn’t it time to make your mark and let Hendry go

    • wax_eagle

      How exactly does that help the Cubs right now? Also who replaces him? I have a feeling getting rid of your GM mid-season doesn’t help whether the Cubs are buyers(please don’t) or sellers(hopefully Pena starts hitting) at the deadline.

      • Michigan Goat

        My concern is that I believe Hendry is getting in the way of Quade’s strengths… Namely coaching and developing the kids… and I think Q doesn’t want to make H look like he’s made poor decisions in the past three years… but I’m probably just fussy cause it snowed this week, rainy, cold, not spring like… I think your patience and optimism is the better path

    • Ace

      …the more you know…

      • Michigan Goat

        And knowing is half the battle

        • Ace

          You’ve conflated your late-80s/early-90s kids TV references!

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Hendry needs to be replaced. Whether he’s let go during the season or after the season doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, I don’t thnk Ricketts will do it.

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    totally agree raymond..hendry blows the billy goat!! our team is horrible and the mess hes left it in..i feel sorry for the new gm that gets the try to fix the team needs alot of work and good drafting..have you seen the 2011 mock draft?…we need a 3rd baseman..who knows if aramis wants to stay..i hope and pray the cubs lock him up…otherwise were screwed!! no 3rd baseman in this years fa market or next year..i would like to see the cubs pick up harold martinez..great bat and glove

    • Michigan Goat

      Unless Ram will sign for 3 mil for 1-2 years it’s time to say thank you for the memories, and even if he does resign he cannot be guaranteed the 3B job, we have to develop someone to play 3B, this team needs to get young and quick and homegrown

      • Hogie

        Vitters seemed to mature a lot this spring and is off to a hot start at AA, could give him a shot since the market is so thin.

      • Ace

        Indeed. His days – both as a Cub and a productive MLB’er – are numbered, I’m afraid.

  • Caleb

    No one is going to defend Reed Johnson? Granted, you put on your hind-site goggles and say that his attempt to make a triple became very important and ultimately foolish. But are you going to blame a guy for hustling and trying to make plays? You don’t want a reckless guy out there taking unnecessary risks, but Reed has never been that way. Just a play-maker. Those are the kinds of guys who can bring spark and energy to a team, and I’ll take a few in my lineup any day.

    A huge day, game winning homer, RBIs and hits galore, and you want to bust his chops? Lay off, mister. If you insist on picking on individual players, pick one of the guys responsible for leaving the 15 runners on base. Or Russell for, well, being Russell (though I agree with you ‘lamb to slaughter’ theory), or Barney for watching strike 3 in that situation. “Spoil” his heroics, indeed!

    PS Go Cubs


    • Ace

      Bah. These things are always somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I have no beef with Reed, himself – I have a beef with the Cubs believing he’s the best they can do as a fifth outfielder.

    • Jeff

      He played well, but he is on the team because he is a veteran, not supposed to make base running mistakes. Getting thrown out in scoring position while trailing is definitely a no no, he should have known better, but I do thank him for the game winner. Now he can go back to the bench for the next week and a half, like Blake DeWitt did after he hit a game winner.