Maybe it’s ignorant, but I’d much rather the Cubs lose a blowout than a close one. The Cubs weren’t going to do anything offensively today against Billingsley, so why not give up 12 runs?

But you’ll never guess the one pitcher who *didn’t* give up any runs (I say guess because I can only assume that you, like every other self-respecting Cubs fan, turned off the game after the Cubs gave up their 10th walk)…

  • Bric

    I coundn’t agree more. If you’re gonna lose, then lose big. It still only counts as 1 in the standings and knowing the game is out of hand early at least takes the stress off the guys who know they have to start and be ready again tommorow. The season is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Deej

    Is it possible for more than one pitcher to get a loss for this one…? What about acouple batters too…? They all earned it

    • Ace


  • Dave

    The Dodgers owned the Cubs and MLB now kinda owns the Dodgers, so by the transitive property, MLB now owns the Cubs. And you said it couldn’t get worse….

  • Caleb

    Could you please, PLEASE, highlight Mateo? 6 hits. 1 inning. 6. Hits. Yeah, he really turned some heads in spring training. Our choices are guys who come in and walk everybody and guys who come in and give up 6 hits. Really? I’m pretty sure I could come in and walk 3 straight batters, and I won’t even charge league minimum. Seriously. THROW. F*CKING. STRIKES.


    I’m going back to my previous philosophy- if you’re a Cubs reliever, and you walk the first batter you face, you’re done. DONE. “Next!” When I was in little league we used to have to play catch until we could throw 10 straight good throws in a row. I think the Cubs might want to consider this.

    • Ace

      At least Mateo has intriguing stuff. I can see why the Cubs like him. He’s just maddeningly inconsistent.