After giving the Chicago Cubs 3.1 innings of (crappy) relief yesterday, Jeff Stevens was thanked, and sent down to AAA Iowa. Taking his place in the bullpen is Justin Berg, formerly a member of the pen last year. The predominant reason for the move is probably not the crappy performance of Stevens, but instead is the worn out bullpen. Berg has a 3.00 ERA and a 1.67 WHIP in 6 innings this year for Iowa, and got the call over lefties John Gaub and Scott Maine, as well as prospect Chris Carpenter.

  • eryk

    Wtf is up with Dempster? He has been a horrible mess and waste of money. We should trade him while we can before he has no value.

    • Coal

      The cubs should have lost this game, and if they had lost it would have been 100% on Quade for NOT pinch hitting for Dempster with the bases loaded. It was obvious he was fading fast. Didn’t take advantage of a golden chance to score some runs, put some distance, then Dempster gives up 3 immediately afterwards. How is it that Quade is the only person (well, besides Dempster) that can’t see this?

      • deej

        agreed.. for someone who has been borderline “over-managing” that was a no brainer that he F-ed up… but a win is a win. back to 500 AGAIN

        • Ace

          Agree with both of you (see the EBS).

    • Ace

      His value couldn’t be much lower right now; and struggle as he has, there’s almost literally no one to take his spot in the rotation.

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