You won’t win too many series in which you give up 27 runs. Just think about that – 27 runs in three games. Wasn’t the Cubs’ strength supposed to be its pitching? To date, the Cubs have the *worst* starting pitching in the National League. Yes, injury plays a part in that, but what is the explanation for guys like Dempster, Garza, and Zambrano pitching worse than they ever have in their collective 20+ years in the bigs? I’m really starting to wonder.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Is it just coincidence that Rothschild is gone and Riggins is here and suddenly some pretty reputable pitchers (Dempster, Zambrano, Garza) are seemingly all struggling now? In my opinion, quality pitchers such as them should be able to be successful regardless of a pitching coach, but it really does make you wonder…

    • Ace

      It does make you wonder.

  • WOW

    So, I want to blame this loss on Castro. The Dodgers were up 5-2 and they had a guy on 2nd base, with two outs. Forgot who was hitting and he got a broken bat hit that barley got pass Castro. I’m sorry, but Castro HAS TO STOP THE DAMN BALL. They ended up getting a hit and making the score 6-2. If he was to stop the ball the score would be much closer. I don’t care if you were in high school or college, but YOU HAVE TO STOP THE BALL FROM GETTING OUT OF THE INFIELD. This is just lazy.

    • jeffy

      You can’t blame Castro for the loss. The Dodgers already had a shit load of runs at that point. Even if they didn’t score any more, we still would’ve lost.

    • deej

      we gave up 5 in the first,and only scored 3 total. you can’t really hang the loss on a run castro gave up later in the game.

      You CAN blame him for going 0 – 4, along with the 0-fer from soriano and the platoon in the 9 hole. AND ramirez’s dumb@ss move at 2nd. AND colvin pinch hitting and popping out on the first pitch…. i hate to say it but we earned this loss across the board.

      And I know it’s early, but I would rather see colvin and baker split 1st than pena anytime soon…. he looks like s*$t out there. not even close to the ball most the time

  • Joe

    Yeah, as I said earlier – F* Aaron Miles

    Seriously, how the heck are you going to allow Aaron Freakin Miles to get 5 total bases? WTF???

    I mean, I don’t think he had 5 total bases the entire year he was here…

  • pfk

    It is so tempting for me to start thinking we really miss Larry Rothschild…but I’m not going to go there – yet. Dempster was lights out in the Spring (which doesn’t mean much) and I think he’ll come around. However, he is approaching 1,900 innings pitched and his ERA has gone up each of the last 3 seasons. He is strong for a few innings and then he’s done. It could be his arm is no longer suited for multiple innings? Garza looked good in his last start and he was decent in the one before that. He should have 2 wins except for Marmol blowing saves. Z has always been up and down and I don’t expect more than 13-15 wins from him. Wells, arguably our best starter, is out and we’ve had to fill in. Cashner, who was looking good, is out and we’ve had to fill his place too. Using Russell and a cast of thousands is sure to get a team’s ERA up and cause them to be last in the league. I’m not going to panic until June. Although, it does make you wonder about Riggins and even more about Hendry not bring up a starter.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Unless he’s Duncan or Mazzone, a pitching coach doesn’t make a difference.

    • Ace

      Even if you’re right; you’ve conceded that a Duncan or a Mazzone can make a positive difference – doesn’t that suggest that there are guys who can make a negative difference?

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        There might be. But I prefer to try to think positively. Give Riggins a chance for the whole season. I don’t think the Cubs will make the postseason any way. Just my opinion.

        • Ace

          I’m not pouring dirt on Riggins’ grave yet. I’m just saying I’m starting to wonder; which, at this point, is fair.

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Im thinking that the performance of our pitchers may just be more of a coincidence. I was watching the Cubs game yesterday on TBS and someone commented about how the Yankess pitching has been their biggest struggle this year but they’re hitting home runs to make up for it. If that is the case then I guess Rothschild leaving isn’t necessarily to blame. Though it also makes you think that he must be a pretty darn good pitching coach if the Yankees wanted him. Either way, apparently he isn’t working magic over in New York. But like Ace said, if a pitching coach can make a positive difference, then it certainly seems plausible that one could have a negative impact as well.

  • http://SOI veryzer

    Mike Quade and Mark Riggins….the Cubs went with minor league coaches and now we’re getting minor league results. Seems about right to me.

  • ME1963

    I realize that playing in the major league is not a requirement to be a great manager or pitching coach…but in this day it sure helps if one of them made it to the show.

    • Ace

      Can’t hurt.