You probably could have guessed that it was historic, but let me confirm it for you – with yesterday’s win, the Chicago Cubs became the first team in Major League history to go 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 9-9, and 10-10. Most records are either positive or negative, but this one is perfectly mediocre. Sounds about right…

  • Not only did no mainstream media writer ask Mike Quade about his indefensible decision to let Ryan Dempster bat in the bottom of the fifth with the bases loaded in a one-run game (when he was clearly already cooked), no mainstream media writer (that I could find) even included the decision in their write-up of the game! The closest to “mainstream” you get is a mention of the moment by BleedCubbieBlue, who concedes that the Cubs’ victory mooted any kind of serious discussion of the Dempster decision. Obviously, I’m none too happy about the decision, itself, as well as the failure to openly discuss it. I want to hear how Mike Quade can possibly explain it, and, now, I probably never will. I rarely gripe about being a mere blogger (I generally am willing to trade access for the freedom to speak my mind and doodle pictures), but this is one time I’m pissed that I’m not there asking questions.
  • More anger: James Russell is inching closer to getting his third consecutive ill-advised start on Tuesday. Quade says the Cubs looked at “all options” and decided Russell was the best. Even if we accept that Russell is the best of a bunch of bad options (something I am incredibly unwilling to accept), that is as much an indictment of the organization as it is an excuse.
  • Quade complained (again) about a Dodger steal attempt with the team up by seven runs. Bringing up the Milwaukee steal from earlier this season (in which game the Brewers were up just five), Quade said he’d like to see the “unwritten rule books” used by the Dodgers and Brewers. Sarcastic Protip: manage your pitchers a little better and you won’t be in the position to be down a huge number of runs with the opposition stealing bases. Serious Protip:¬†while there may be an unwritten rule about standing pat when you’re up a certain number of runs, it isn’t the place of the oposing manager to gripe about it in the media afterward. It makes you look like a sore loser, however noble your intentions.
  • Why has Kerry Wood not pitched since April 15, *nine* days ago?
  • Bric

    You’re right, clearly one thing that Quade isn’t good at is knowing what to say and how to say it with the media. Even though it’s very early, I can’t think of a time so far that he’s said something that make me think he has a clear idea idea of what he wants and how to try to get it.
    He’s still acting as if he’s the interim manager and the Cubs are 12 games out of first with 20 games left in the season.

    • pfk

      It is easy to get down on Quade (or any manager) when things are only so so and when a bad decision is made. I did myself yesterday after the Dempster debacle. On the other hand, in Q’s defense, he has been able to make lineup changes even if it affects a veteran. Lou rarely did that and Baker never did that. Q got Castro into the leadoff spot and installed Barney in the 2 hole to the cry’s of many people. He then moved Pena out of the middle and even moved Byrd out – if only for a while. Getting over the injuries to 2 good pitchers is tough to do for any manager – especially if your GM is not giving you the horses. I’m going to give Q a little more time, even if I was ready to dump him yesterday. But it won’t be a whole season.

  • Joe

    F* Aaron Miles…

  • Bric

    I just realized that Marcos Mateo is the illegitimate love child of Antonio Alfonseca. Apart from the crazy goat, facial features and throwing style, the last closeup clearly showed seven fingers on his right hand.

    • Ace

      With seven fingers, you’d think he’d pitch a bit better.

    • Joe

      yeah, just too bad he cant get outs as well as Alfonseca…

      (wow that statement leaves a bad taste in the mouth)

    • pfk

      He should be cut just because he looks like Alfonseca – no matter how good he is. A player is not allowed to resemble a previous douche bag.

  • jstraw

    If by “sore loser” you mean “whiny pussy,” I agree with you.

    And shame on the beat hacks for steering clear of the Dempster AB.