We already know (“know”) that Assistant Chicago Cubs GM Randy Bush reads Bleacher Nation, but does manager Mike Quade read it, too?

After yesterday’s apparently controversial post about keeping Starlin Castro in the three hole (except maybe against lefties, where he could lead off) because, among other reasons, he’s one of the team’s best hitters and, as teased out in the comments, his long-term future is probably in the three hole, Mike Quade had this to say about the Castro batting order decision:

“Look, we think this guy is a pretty important part of our future. I have no concerns about his psyche no matter where he hits. If he showed up tomorrow and was hitting fourth, I don’t think he’d blink.

“We’re looking for a three-hole hitter and we’re looking for one for [the long term],” Quade continued. “I want to find out. He’s going to lead off today, and we’ll go back and forth with left-handers and right-handers in our lineup.

“He’s talented and capable and going through the first month of our season. He’s our best hitter and that’s supposed to be your third guy. We’ll see how it plays out.”

Ok, so Quade probably doesn’t read Bleacher Nation (if he did, he probably wouldn’t much care for it lately), but his sentiment is spot on to what we discussed yesterday. Castro makes sense in the three hole for a variety of reasons right now; and that was before Marlon Byrd provided an 0-4, three strikeout, four left on reminder performance last night.

  • TWC

    I really hope this situation doesn’t set up weekly, whiny, defensive blog posts/soundbytes from Byrd about how he’ll “do whatever it takes to help the team”, but that he’s a veteran that knows his abilities and his swing, and that he just has to keep fighting to get himself out of his funk and blah blah blah all summer long until he’s traded after hitting .229 with 14 RBI to whichever moderate-level contender for mediocre prospects and proceeds to blast the Cubs in his new local paper (to then go on a tear and hit .635 with 65 RBIs in the last two months of the season).

    ‘Cause THAT’s never happened before.

    • Ace


  • Bric

    I doubt Quade reads BN. If he’s anything like Hendry (and he’s starting to act like it more and more everyday) he’s probably using Hendry’s three guys to read it for him. Hendry’s above all this quaint internet speculation and because Quade works for Hendry, that means he’s above it, too.
    Sorry,Ace, but we mere fans know nothing about MLB -except, of course, to NOT outrageously overpay to watch a mediocre team of aging veterans treat us like children.
    (Okay Larry, Moe, and Curly- re-write this comment in a postive light and pass it on to your bosses). The e-mail will probably start with the line: Bleacher Nation loves management’s new directions…blah, blah, blah.

  • Mike Marine

    I have been to Arizona every year for spring training since 2002. I have never been more dissapointed in the attitude of the players and the effort and execution on rouine plays than I was this year. Generally, there is always a bit of fun in the atmosphere, but you can also tell that the players are a bit excited and anxious to get the season started. There was a palpable laissez-faire attitude which manifested itself in consistent base running mistakes andpoor fielding. In the last game of the preseason – I watched the Diamonbacks B team (two starters) beat us up like we were a high school team. It was not pretty and I dn’t see much improvement as the season is developing. I can’t help but think that the Manager has to accept some of the responsibiloity for such poor execution on basic baseball plays and the continuing – “we will get better” answer to legitimate inquiries regarding the lack of clutch hitting. It might be a good time to buy the canquade.com domain.