I’m so freaking angry.

I’m angry that the Cubs left seven guys on base (again). I’m angry that Marlon Byrd crapped the bed in the three-hole (again). I’m angry that Aramis Ramirez is turning into a pumpkin (again). I’m angry that the Cubs actually had a chance to win an unwinnable game – and didn’t (but just barely).

But you already know what I’m most angry about.

  • http://SOI veryzer

    You’re angry that someone wrote all over your box score in red ink?

    • Ace

      *PERMANENT* red ink!

  • wax_eagle

    I am sort of angry that Soriano has accounted for nearly half of this team’s homers…

    • Ace

      The lack of power has been… disturbing.

  • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian James

    I’m no conspiracy theorist (I believe Oswald got lucky) but it seems to me that trying someone other than Russell was a no brainer weeks ago.
    I suggest that the powers that be know he’s not a viable option to start.
    I’m am by no means hinting or being coy but asking quite sincerely:

    What are they up to?
    There is no way they are this ignorant.
    There’s GOT to be a method behind this seeming madness.

    • willis

      Can the people that run a major league franchise be this ignorant? If it weren’t the cubs I’d say no, but I really think that they just are poorly run from top to bottom and stubborness is the only thing that Hendry and Quade are good at, especially this season. It’s one dumb decision after another, with no reason for any of them other than being stubborn.

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Yes, they can! Introducing Chicago Cubs’ ownership and management.

        • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian James

          They could be the least intellectually endowed ownership/management in baseball and I STILL don’t believe they’re doing this out of stubbornness or ignorance.
          It’s utterly impossible.
          Something is going on here…..

        • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian James

          Maybe Quade and Hendry et al have something personal against Russell (eg, an old flame in common? an unsolved murder?) and they’re trying to destroy him the only way they can.

          Or have I been watching too many Thin Man movies…

          • Ace

            Haha. Death by a thousand bad starts.

  • Curt

    I actually thought things might change when ricketts took and when quade did but with the incompetence of the 5th starter decisions and Byrd hitting 3rd not much is changing, and I think the common denominator is Jim hendry and he must go before he resigns aramid Ramirez or does something else stupid

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