No Enhanced Box Score: Rainout = Win

Today’s (not quite) rubber game against the Rockies was rained out, and will be made up… June 27! That, my friends, is a huge win in my book. Not only do the Cubs avoid (for the near term) facing a guy who dominated them a week and a half ago, but they may get to make this game up when they’re back at full strength.

There are always silver linings if you look hard enough. They’re usually at the bottom of your seventh beer.

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17 responses to “No Enhanced Box Score: Rainout = Win”

  1. pfk

    To me, its all about where the organization is headed as a whole – not so much won/lost this year. That said, what is taking place this year is beyond belief. I am waiting (and hoping) for Ricketts to make a statement shaking things up with the front office. However, if he comes out and says Hendry is doing a great job and they are pleased with the team – it will be time for Cub fans to declare a Jihad.

  2. Joe

    I can see it now

    “Depster really struggled his last time out, so we felt an extra day off would probably help. So we’re pushing the rotation forward a day and allowing Coleman his start; he’s really the best option we have at this time…”

    1. Raymond Robert Koenig

      How about this? “The Cubs as an organization believe in the 5 man rotation and won’t skip anyone’s turn because of off days.”

  3. Raymond Robert Koenig

    It’s obvious to me that Ricketts has things on his mind other than the day-to-day results on the field. My prediction? Ricketts will let Hendry finish out his contract.

  4. Coal

    I’m all for seven beers, but how was today the “rubber” game?

    1. Joe

      You ever heard the expression “throw sh!t at the wall to see what sticks”?

      Well, I think he considers every 4th and 5th day a “rubber game” for the Cubs because aint nothin gonna stick with Russell or Coleman on the mound…

    2. Jeff

      I just assumed that he along with everyone else considered the Russell start a loss before it happened, so it doesn’t register as a true loss.

      I think Quade might be the only man on the planet that thinks Russell is pitching well. I am slowly losing patience with this guy, even though he seems to be Jim Hendry’s perfect compliment, incompetent in almost every aspect of running a team. The starters suck, so the lights out bullpen is rendered useless. The top of the order gets on base, but as expected, there is no one to drive them in. This is all going according to plan, float around .500 this year so they both get another year and the opportunity to screw up the team budget again for the next 7 years this offseason.