You know the story. Ryan Dempster was not just normal-awful, he was ultramega-wow-something-must-be-wrong-awful. One third of an inning. One out. That’s all he gave the Cubs. It was the worst outing of Dempster’s career. At least we can’t say Mike Quade left him in too long this time (or can we?).

The offense wasn’t much better. It was humbled by a guy who has been *awful* all season, and dating back to mid-season last year.

Well, most of the offense was humbled…

  • Michigan Goat

    Aye the four horsemen are near… Since we need brevity today, who would be the four horsemen for the cubs be? I’m thinking Dusty Baker, Sam Zell for starters let’s have some fun embrace the coming apocalypse if the end is neat

  • Jeff

    Leon Durham, Steve Bartman, Crane Kenney, John Holland(traded Lou Brock, passed out during negotiation to get Frank Robinson costing the team), Jim Frey, Ed Lynch, Larry Himes. There is no end to the horsemen of the Cubs apocalypse, just look at their history, they always bring this on themselves

  • TWC

    Man, what the hell is wrong with y’all? Buck up! Spellcheck’s streak is still alive, at least — only 49-2/3 more innings of scoreless ball and he’s a record holder!

    • Joe

      yeah, I read “the end is nigh” and instantly looked down to his line expecting it to be the highlighted one…

      • Ace

        What’s impressive about the streak is that he’s given up, like, a million baserunners.