It’s ok to admit that, when Justin Upton launched a 450 foot two-run bomb off of Carlos Zambrano in the bottom of the first inning last night, you hung your head and thought, “here we go again.” I did.

But then the Cubs locked it down, and scored enough to win. It feels good to finally see a Cubs win again.

  • Jeff

    Trade him, or move him out of the seventh hole since he’s hit more homeruns than the rest of the starting lineup combined.

    • Michigan Goat

      Agreed if we don’t have 3,4,5 hitters we can count on regularly… Then we should at least place the hot bat in there.

      Of course we have to ask the question does the Fonz have 9 HR because he hits in low pressure and hence doesn’t get a pitchers full attention or is he rediscovering his talent… Please be the later because he isn’t going anywhere

  • Michigan Goat

    Uh oh Woody pitched and gave up 2 hits guess he need to sit for a week

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    SORI-ANO, SORI-ANO!! Its nice to see Alfonso making a positive impact on this team again. I’ve always liked him a lot. Yes, even though his contract is ridiculous and bloated and a burden. Its still good to see him having some success out there again.

    Apparently the 9 home runs he has hit are the most ever by a Cub in the month of April.

    I cant help but feel like the sudden loss of Alfonso’s mother during the offseason possibly sparked a fire in him that had gone dormant. I don’t mean to come across like it’s alright with me that he’s lost his mother if it means he’s going to play better. I don’t feel that way whatsoever. I just mean that I feel like sometimes we need something drastic to happen to us to break us out of a “slump” in life. Something to open our eyes… Something to ignite the fire inside again…

    • Joe

      “SORI-ANO, SORI-ANO!! Its nice to see Alfonso making a positive impact on this team again… I cant help but feel like the sudden loss of Alfonso’s mother during the offseason possibly sparked a fire in him that had gone dormant.”

      Uhm, what exactly are you talking about?

      Look, he’s hitting ..247 / .269 / .584 / .853 through 24 games in 2011

      Last year he hit .258 / .322 / .496 / .818 on the season; including
      .292 / .358 / .542 / .900 in April
      .308 / .376 / .626 / 1.003 in May
      with a combined 1st half line of .269 / .342 / .534 / .876

      and his 1st 24 games looked like this
      .325 / .382 / .675 / 1.057

      He’s much *WORSE* this year then he was last season, especially through his first 24 games which has seen an OPS .203 points lower

      He isnt walking, at all (the 3.8 BB% is so pitiful) and is swinging at an alarming amount of pitches – especially outside the zone. And he seems to be trying way too hard to pound the ball. He is making contact now, but if he continues this trend it will probably be a long, painful season to watch from him (with absolutely nothing positive other then the occasional longball thrill; which is the only thing he has really provided so far this season anyway)

      • Ol’CharlieBrown

        Nice stats Joe! I really enjoy how you break things down and show the meaningful numbers. Your posts like these are always interesting for me!

        Though I didnt mean to imply anything about him doing better than last season or him hitting for a good average really or even that he’s suddenly going to become great defensively. I could see how it have been misconstrued as that though. I was more or less just saying it’s really nice to see him putting the ball up in the bleachers because as we all know, if Soriano wasn’t hitting any home runs then pretty much nobody would be.

        Not only that, but he is also leading the team in RBI, SLG% and is 3rd in OPS behind only Fukudome and Baker. Who I’m pretty sure if they got as many at bats as Soriano would leave him leading that category as well. Which helps to make up for the practically team leading strikeouts thats hes accounted for. But like your numbers show, overall he hit much better through the first 24 games of last season. The more I think about it, I guess its really not saying much to be leading this team in any offensive categories, aside from Castro’s hitting.

        If suppose if he’s going to continue being a .250 hitter, I’d much rather him put up 35+ homers while doing so. Its much more appealing than the 20 and 24 homers he’s put up the past 2 seasons. Not saying he will be able to keep this up all season, but he is on pace to hit 54 home runs.