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Month: April 2011

While You’re Waiting on the Game to Start, Why Not Win $50?

Oh yes, it’s a ham-fisted self-promotional post. But it can win you $50 to Cubworld.com, so are you really going to be mad? Take 30 seconds and enter Bleacher Nation’s Second Chance Contest – details here: Second Chance Contest. It’s easy. You go to Facebook, you name your favorite Cub, and you can win $50 to Cubworld.com. […]

Is Trouble Brewing Between Matt Garza and Cubs’ Pitching Coach Mark Riggins?

Matt Garza, a fiery type, was pretty angry this weekend, following his second consecutive outing where he gave up an inordinate amount of hits. Specifically, Garza was upset that the Brewers were taking advantage of his off-speed offerings. “I’m a fastball guy,’’ Garza told reporters this weekend. “Six of their eight hits were on offspeed […]

The Cubs Are Angry and Other Bullets – April 11, 2011

Every day is a new opportunity to turn it all around… or some other bs platitude. Kerry Wood is as angry at himself for walking Yuniesky Betancourt in the 8th inning yesterday as you are. The McGehee homer is what stands out in the box score, but Wood was up 0-2 on Betancourt before throwing […]

Chicago Cubs Sign Ramon Ortiz

On the heels of twin rotation injuries – Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner both went on the disabled list last week, and neither is expected back for another three to four weeks – the Cubs today signed 38-year-old pitcher Ramon Ortiz to a minor league deal. You may remember Ortiz from such successful seasons as […]


Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Brewers 6 – April 10, 2011

So, who feels like punching a dolphin? Make no mistake, the Cubs were supposed to lose this game. But the Cubs weren’t supposed to score four off Yovani Gallardo in the first three innings, and chase him after five. The Cubs weren’t supposed to hold the Brewers scoreless over the middle four frames. Kerry Wood […]

Today Could Be Ugly and Other Bullets – April 10, 2011

With Casey Coleman pulled into action, facing scorching hot Yovani Gallardo (supported by Cubs bats that are anything but scorching hot), today’s game doesn’t exactly look like a sure win. Coleman is ready for the Brewers, though he was looking forward to taking on Texas’ AAA team. Not because it’s easier, mind you, but because […]

Carlos Silva to the Yankees

The New York Yankees have signed Carlos Silva to a minor league contract, which means nothing to the Cubs’ bottom line unless he makes the big club. If he does, the Yanks will pay a prorated portion of the Major League minimum (about $400k), and the Cubs will remain on the hook for the rest […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 7, Brewers 4 – April 8, 2011

Carlos Zambrano wasn’t particularly sharp, but, thankfully, Randy Wolf was even less sharp. And I thought this prior to his breakout performance, but isn’t it time to see Jeff Baker getting a start here and there against righties? Yes, I know this was a lefty he tore up, but let’s see what he’s got. Also…


Starlin Castro is All-Universe and Other Bullets – April 8, 2011

The full season teams in the Chicago Cubs’ minor league system got their respective starts yesterday, and they swept the games that went to conclusion (Peoria’s game was suspended after 8 innings). Josh Vitters, Brett Jackson, Hayden Simpson, among others, had solid starts to their seasons. And just think, many of the Cubs’ top prospects […]

Hayden Simpson Has a Successful Pro Debut

You know the backstory. Last year, the Chicago Cubs shocked the baseball world (to say nothing of the blogoverse) by selecting Division II Southern Arkansas Mulerider Hayden Simpson 16th overall in the 2010 draft. Most teams reportedly had him as a third or fourth rounder, though there were whispers that a couple teams were considering […]

Cubs Preparing to Be Without Wells and Cashner for a Month

The news that both Andrew Cashner (semi-expected) and Randy Wells (completely blindsided) are going to the disabled list is still hanging over the Chicago Cubs like a cloud spitting out baby tears. Yesterday’s loss certainly didn’t help move the cloud along. And the updates from yesterday do little to comfort. The plan is to shut […]

Trying to Be Positive and Other Bullets – April 7, 2011

So, yesterday was fun, eh? At least folks are trying to stay positive. About the team’s performance thus far, Mike Quade sees positives despite the .500 record against lesser teams. “I always say it’s about the process and giving yourself a chance to win every game, and we’ve done a lot of that. We want to […]


Enhanced Box Score: Diamondbacks 6, Cubs 4 – April 6, 2011

You can never count on a sweep of even the crappiest of teams, but with the Cubs’ “ace” going today, you had to feel like a sweep was a distinct possibility. Shame on you for that. Dempster wasn’t really *that* bad today (yes, 10 hits and 5 runs is never good, but zero walks and […]

Apocalypse Now: Cashner AND Wells to DL

According multiple reports, today, the Chicago Cubs placed not only starter Andrew Cashner on the disabled list (with a strained right rotator cuff), but also starter Randy Wells. Cashner’s ailment was known, but until now, I had no idea that Wells was suffering from a strained right forearm. Neither pitcher is expected to need surgery, […]

Second Chance Contest: Win $50 to CubWorld

By most measures, the BN Opening Day Contest was a success. A whole bunch of you entered, and it was fun to take a shot at the Cubs’ Opening Day lineup. Of course, the contest failed by the one measure that counts: nobody won. And the last thing I wanted to do was to *not* […]


Oh Noes: Andrew Cashner Leaves Game with “Shoulder Tightness”

Chicago Cubs starter Andrew Cashner (and noted top young pitcher) left today’s game after just 5.1 innings and 72 pitches with what the Cubs are calling “shoulder tightness.” In his final, sixth inning pitch, something was visibly wrong with Cashner’s delivery – that is not to say he was visibly uncomfortable, but something was off. […]

More Evidence That Lou Piniella Was Checked Out Last Year

If you watched the Chicago Cubs last year – and you did – you noticed a listless feel to the entire production. From top to bottom, “Year One” of the Ricketts family’s Cubs organization could be best summed up by a yawn. Not even a big yawn. The biggest offender was manager Lou Piniella, who […]

Nobody Wants to Watch the Cubs and Other Bullets – April 5, 2011

Yesterday’s attendance – 26,292 – was the lowest at Wrigley Field since 2002. Weather, economy, and opponent sure contributed, but it’s hard to argue that interest in the team is at a low point in recent memory. Like it or not, making money is good for the future of the franchise, so hopefully folks return […]

God’s Wrath Watch: Carlos Pena Has a Sprained Thumb

Not to tempt fate, but it’s worth pointing out that the Chicago Cubs have been incredibly healthy thus far this year. God, as we say, has been benevolent. So, now that a Cubs starter has suffered an injury, it’s hard to feel like ants under the magnifying glass. And the injury may not be that […]

Enhanced Box Score: Diamondbacks 1, Cubs 4 – April 4, 2011

Solid win all around, though you’d still like to see a little more offense – and that will happen if the Cubs can get some more balls to go over the wall rather than smacking off of it (ha, that sentence – completely legitimately – had the words “more,” “balls,” and “smacking”). Hopefully Carlos Pena’s […]

Starlin Castro’s Future is in the 3-Hole and Other Bullets – April 4, 2011

Still trying to forget yesterday’s game… Mike Quade described Starlin Castro in the leadoff spot as “temporary” and an “experiment.” I’d say it was a success, no? A better word might be revelation. He had three hits (include two triples) and a walk. But leading off is neither Castro’s present nor his long-term future. Many of us […]