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Month: April 2011

Superhero Sam and Other Depressing Bullets – April 15, 2011

The Chicago Cubs are in for a stiff test this weekend against the NL’s best team (so far), the Colorado Rockies. They actually get some favorable pitching matchups, but the Rockies are just on fire. Taking two in this series will be an uphill battle. Not to depress you… You don’t need me to tell […]

Last Chance to Win the Second Chance Contest – $50 to CubWorld

All right, stragglers. Today is the deadline to enter the Second Chance Contest, which could win you $50 to It couldn’t be easier – you simply go to BN’s Facebook page, and find this post, and tell everyone who your favorite Cub is, past or present. That’s it. Boom. You’re entered.


Rehabbing and Other Bullets – April 14, 2011

Obviously it was great to get a series win against the Astros, but after starting the season against the Pirates, Diamondbacks, Brewers, and Astros, none of us can say we would have been happy with the Cubs coming out of that stretch at just .500. Still, here we are. I told you to be afraid […]

There’s No Beef Between Carlos Zambrano and Mike Quade

Allow this post to serve as your reassurance: Carlos Zambrano is not retreating into former bad habits, and there’s no bad blood between Zambrano and Cubs manager Mike Quade. To what am I referring? When he was yanked last night in the 6th inning after giving up five runs, capped off by a two-run homer, […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 9, Astros 5 – April 13, 2011

Well, the Cubs did what they do – score a lot early, and then do nothing for a long time; starting pitcher starts off looking good and then falls apart – but they pulled out the win. I suspect that Carlos Zambrano was just uncomfortable having the first good start among the Cubs’ top three […]

God’s Wrath Watch: Early Estimates on Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner

After watching the slow-moving disaster that was the all-bullpen experiment last night, I’m guessing you’re itching to hear some good news about pitchers Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner. Well, I don’t have good news. God is wrathful, after all. But I do have news. In his weekly chat, Bruce Levine casually dropped the first estimates (that […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Astros 11 – April 12, 2011

Well, that was just a fluky game you’ve got to chalk up to “who could have possibly predicted such a disaster?” Right? Oh. Wait. Although he was horrible, I actually feel bad for James Russell. As I said before, he was a lamb being led to the slaughter – and he was slaughtered. Hopefully the […]

The Cubs Have Signed Doug Davis

Today the Chicago Cubs signed pitcher Doug Davis – remember how he used to vexate us? – to a minor league deal. He’ll head to extended Spring Training, and, if he makes the big club, he’ll get the prorated portion of $900,000 (with a possibility of another $1.1 million in incentives). The signing is all about depth, given the […]

Worst Closer Facial Hair: Brian Wilson, Ryan Franklin, or John Axford?

Facial hair can be a wonderful thing – if done correctly. Done incorrectly, facial hair can be a flashpoint for ridicule, generating joke after barb after insult, until my wife’s voice is sore. And three guys doing it incorrectly? National League closers Ryan Franklin, Brian Wilson, and John Axford. The only question, aside from wondering […]

James Russell is a Lamb and Other Bullets – April 12, 2011

Much like the weekend series against the Brewers, there’s one game this series that looks like a guaranteed loss. In this case, it’s today’s game where James Russell faces Brett Myers. Of course, in the Brewers game it was Casey Coleman versus Yovani Gallardo, and the Cubs beat up on Gallardo. Russell is keeping a […]


Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Astros 4 – April 11, 2011

The Cubs once again did that whole score-early-and-often-then-completely-shut-down thing, but fortunately, they scored enough early to hold on through several heart attacks. Ryan Dempster got his first win, but, what looked like a great start became just an OK one after Mike Quade left him in to give up two homers in the 7th inning. […]

While You’re Waiting on the Game to Start, Why Not Win $50?

Oh yes, it’s a ham-fisted self-promotional post. But it can win you $50 to, so are you really going to be mad? Take 30 seconds and enter Bleacher Nation’s Second Chance Contest – details here: Second Chance Contest. It’s easy. You go to Facebook, you name your favorite Cub, and you can win $50 to […]

Is Trouble Brewing Between Matt Garza and Cubs’ Pitching Coach Mark Riggins?

Matt Garza, a fiery type, was pretty angry this weekend, following his second consecutive outing where he gave up an inordinate amount of hits. Specifically, Garza was upset that the Brewers were taking advantage of his off-speed offerings. “I’m a fastball guy,’’ Garza told reporters this weekend. “Six of their eight hits were on offspeed […]

The Cubs Are Angry and Other Bullets – April 11, 2011

Every day is a new opportunity to turn it all around… or some other bs platitude. Kerry Wood is as angry at himself for walking Yuniesky Betancourt in the 8th inning yesterday as you are. The McGehee homer is what stands out in the box score, but Wood was up 0-2 on Betancourt before throwing […]

Chicago Cubs Sign Ramon Ortiz

On the heels of twin rotation injuries – Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner both went on the disabled list last week, and neither is expected back for another three to four weeks – the Cubs today signed 38-year-old pitcher Ramon Ortiz to a minor league deal. You may remember Ortiz from such successful seasons as […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Brewers 6 – April 10, 2011

So, who feels like punching a dolphin? Make no mistake, the Cubs were supposed to lose this game. But the Cubs weren’t supposed to score four off Yovani Gallardo in the first three innings, and chase him after five. The Cubs weren’t supposed to hold the Brewers scoreless over the middle four frames. Kerry Wood […]