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Month: April 2011

Did Mike Quade Blow Yesterday’s Game?

There is plenty of blame to go around for yesterday’s 5-4 9th inning loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Marlon Byrd went just 1-5 from the 3-hole, stranded a number of runners, and grounded in a double play with the tying run at third to end the game. Carlos Marmol gave up two runs on two […]

Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 5, Cubs 4 – April 3, 2011

It’s very hard not to be reactionary after a game like that. I get that these games will happen. I get that, after giving up 16 hits (even if they were all singles), the Cubs probably should have lost this one. I get that it’s only three games. I get that it was the first […]

Fans Will Love Matt Garza and Other Bullets – April 3, 2011

This might become a regular feature when there are articles of note that do not merit their own, separate write-up, and where there are points I’d like to make about the previous day’s game. Let me know what you think. Carlos Pena says former and current teammate Matt Garza’s intensity, which rivals Carlos Zambrano’s, is […]


Laughing Because He Isn’t On the Cubs: More Theriot Goodness

At the risk of belaboring the point, I find it worthwhile to remind you all of our fortuity in being rid of Ryan Theriot. In another loss for the Cardinals today, Theriot – leading off – went 0-3, made an error, and allowed two infield singles dribble in front of him. Am I spiteful? Perhaps […]

Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 3, Cubs 5 – April 2, 2011

I would imagine that, however you were feeling yesterday, you’re feeling the exact opposite way today. The Cubs pulled the comeback trick on the Pirates today – and the guy off of whom they did it ain’t no slouch – and I’m tickled. I’m also, frankly, shocked…

Laughing Because It Isn’t the Cubs: Matt Holliday Out After Appendectomy

More sCardenfreude. Yes, it’s true that this was widely reported yesterday, but (1) being that it was April Fools Day, I thought it prudent to wait, and (2) there still wasn’t much information available on prognosis because the surgery hadn’t been performed yet. Enough setup: yesterday, after experiencing abdominal discomfort, Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday had […]

Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 6, Cubs 3 – April 1, 2010

Hopefully you’ve missed seeing the Enhanced Box Scores as much as I’ve missed making them. On days like today, they’re cathartic. Two swings doomed the Cubs (and an aggressively, interminably tight strike zone), and the offense couldn’t come through despite plenty of baserunners. I suspect most of you feel like I do…


At Least for Today, Let’s Be April Fools

Every year on Opening Day, I like to think I’m going to put together a long, mellifluous post about the upcoming season, weaving it with deep thoughts on what it means to be a Chicago Cubs fan. And every year I post a picture of some dude making a “let’s rock” symbol with his hand, and convince […]

Bleacher Nation on the Web

It’s Opening Day (the real one), so it’s good time to remind you that, if you enjoy reading Bleacher Nation, there are a couple other corners of the Internet that we occupy, which you might want to check out. First, check out Bleacher Nation on Facebook. If you “Like” us on Facebook, an angel gets […]