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Month: April 2011

Second Chance Contest: Win $50 to CubWorld

By most measures, the BN Opening Day Contest was a success. A whole bunch of you entered, and it was fun to take a shot at the Cubs’ Opening Day lineup. Of course, the contest failed by the one measure that counts: nobody won. And the last thing I wanted to do was to *not* […]


Oh Noes: Andrew Cashner Leaves Game with “Shoulder Tightness”

Chicago Cubs starter Andrew Cashner (and noted top young pitcher) left today’s game after just 5.1 innings and 72 pitches with what the Cubs are calling “shoulder tightness.” In his final, sixth inning pitch, something was visibly wrong with Cashner’s delivery – that is not to say he was visibly uncomfortable, but something was off. […]

More Evidence That Lou Piniella Was Checked Out Last Year

If you watched the Chicago Cubs last year – and you did – you noticed a listless feel to the entire production. From top to bottom, “Year One” of the Ricketts family’s Cubs organization could be best summed up by a yawn. Not even a big yawn. The biggest offender was manager Lou Piniella, who […]

Nobody Wants to Watch the Cubs and Other Bullets – April 5, 2011

Yesterday’s attendance – 26,292 – was the lowest at Wrigley Field since 2002. Weather, economy, and opponent sure contributed, but it’s hard to argue that interest in the team is at a low point in recent memory. Like it or not, making money is good for the future of the franchise, so hopefully folks return […]

God’s Wrath Watch: Carlos Pena Has a Sprained Thumb

Not to tempt fate, but it’s worth pointing out that the Chicago Cubs have been incredibly healthy thus far this year. God, as we say, has been benevolent. So, now that a Cubs starter has suffered an injury, it’s hard to feel like ants under the magnifying glass. And the injury may not be that […]

Enhanced Box Score: Diamondbacks 1, Cubs 4 – April 4, 2011

Solid win all around, though you’d still like to see a little more offense – and that will happen if the Cubs can get some more balls to go over the wall rather than smacking off of it (ha, that sentence – completely legitimately – had the words “more,” “balls,” and “smacking”). Hopefully Carlos Pena’s […]

Starlin Castro’s Future is in the 3-Hole and Other Bullets – April 4, 2011

Still trying to forget yesterday’s game… Mike Quade described Starlin Castro in the leadoff spot as “temporary” and an “experiment.” I’d say it was a success, no? A better word might be revelation. He had three hits (include two triples) and a walk. But leading off is neither Castro’s present nor his long-term future. Many of us […]

Did Mike Quade Blow Yesterday’s Game?

There is plenty of blame to go around for yesterday’s 5-4 9th inning loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Marlon Byrd went just 1-5 from the 3-hole, stranded a number of runners, and grounded in a double play with the tying run at third to end the game. Carlos Marmol gave up two runs on two […]

Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 5, Cubs 4 – April 3, 2011

It’s very hard not to be reactionary after a game like that. I get that these games will happen. I get that, after giving up 16 hits (even if they were all singles), the Cubs probably should have lost this one. I get that it’s only three games. I get that it was the first […]

Fans Will Love Matt Garza and Other Bullets – April 3, 2011

This might become a regular feature when there are articles of note that do not merit their own, separate write-up, and where there are points I’d like to make about the previous day’s game. Let me know what you think. Carlos Pena says former and current teammate Matt Garza’s intensity, which rivals Carlos Zambrano’s, is […]

Laughing Because He Isn’t On the Cubs: More Theriot Goodness

At the risk of belaboring the point, I find it worthwhile to remind you all of our fortuity in being rid of Ryan Theriot. In another loss for the Cardinals today, Theriot – leading off – went 0-3, made an error, and allowed two infield singles dribble in front of him. Am I spiteful? Perhaps […]

Enhanced Box Score: Pirates 3, Cubs 5 – April 2, 2011

I would imagine that, however you were feeling yesterday, you’re feeling the exact opposite way today. The Cubs pulled the comeback trick on the Pirates today – and the guy off of whom they did it ain’t no slouch – and I’m tickled. I’m also, frankly, shocked…

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