Six inches.

That’s how close Carlos Pena was to giving the Cubs the lead in the 9th inning today. As it was, his deep fly out moved Marlon Byrd over to third base with one out, where he would be when Jeff Baker grounded into a game-ending and oh-so-Cub-like double play. That depression thing is coming back.

And, yes, the story is the Cubs going 1-14 with runners in scoring position. But, since the Diamondbacks went 0-9, it’s not the only story. This is the other one…


  • Sam

    Wells and Cashner cannot come back soon enough

    • Ace

      I disagree with this one.

  • Sam

    Wells and Cashner cannot come back soon enough…

    • Ace

      But I totally agree with this one. :)

      • Lokanna

        I don’t think pitching was the story here. I listened to the back half of the game and was frustrated to see Barney stranded on 2nd with ZERO outs in the inning. Also, Blake hitting in to the double play didn’t help. It’s criminal how many scoring opportunities we’ve let slip by this season.

        • Ace

          I think you may have missed where I said that was one of the primary stories of the game…

          • Lokanna

            In my defense Ace, I only read the pretty red lines… *wipes drool from mouth*


  • coal

    I hate that the Cubs keep putting themselves in a hole. But I don’t see last year’s team (or 2009) having as much fight in them as this year’s team seems to. We don’t have the horses (shameful that we don’t given our payroll, mind you) but we just don’t Ramirez is a shadow of his former self, Pena is a shadow of even D-Lee in 2010 and early 2009, we just don’t have anyone that is really dangerous. So the scrappiness is good, and a welcomed change. Still hard to take, however.

    • Ace

      I just don’t know who anyone would really fear in the Cubs’ lineup – you’re right. Castro is a stud, but he doesn’t really strike fear in you the way a Pujols/Fielder/Braun/Votto does.

  • roughriider

    As much as I hate to think it or say it. 2011 is probably a lost cause for the Cubs. After being a Cub fan for 50+ years it disheartening. They don’t have enough talent on this team. Maybe it’s a good thing to let some of the young players struggle through the year and perhaps be better for it next year. Greg Maddux struggled the first full year going 6-14. He went to winter ball and had a 18-8 record the next. Ryne Sanderg struggled early in the season the first 2 seasons with the Cubs. I’m not saying that there is a Greg Maddux or a Ryne Sandberg on the team I’m saying let the young players play if the older players aren’t going to be here after this year anyway.

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