Quade ejected. Garza domination. Ninth-inning drama. Cubs win. Love it.

  • Serio

    I told you Soriano was locked in.

  • Bric

    Flames? It looks more like a crown from that wedding on Friday. Princess Sori?

    • Ace

      That’s why I had to explain in the parenthetical.

  • Sam

    According to CBS sports Matt Garzra is on pace to get 330 strikeouts and Alfonso Soriano is on pace to hit 64 Home Runs this year.

  • marc

    if sori hits 10 hrs in may…i swear ill tatoo his name on my ass…. and put bleachernation.com in parenthesis

  • Jeff

    All last season Soriano did not hit one opposite field homerun, he has two this season. I’m not saying that’s why he’s hitting so well, but it does look like he is waiting back on pitches and not trying to pull everything out of the stadium. I really hope he keeps this up until someone else starts hitting for some power or driving in some runs.

  • Joe

    Soriano has a .278 OBP. Yes, TWO SEVENTY EIGHT!

    I dont care how many solo-shots (8) or dingers he has off DiamondBack pitching (5 – with three coming against Galarraga alone), a .278 OBP is unbelievably unacceptable for a Major League Starter.

    And all this “omg, he’s soooo amazing” swooning people are doing over his homers is absolutely driving me up the walls – I know chicks dig the long ball, but come on; you’re men for Gods sake!!!

    • Ace

      Given the dearth of power (which, lady-love aside, is an important part of the game) among the rest of the team, I think it’s worth getting excited about. Nobody is celebrating his deficiencies.

      • Ol’CharlieBrown


  • Sam

    Im not saying that Soriano is playing great, I just think that it is interesting that of all the players on the cubs he is leading the team in homer runs, i never thought i would see that happen.

    • Joe

      2010 Cubs HR leaders:
      Ramirez – 25
      Soriano – 24
      Colvin – 20
      Soto – 17
      Soto – 16

      2009 Cubs HR leaders:
      Lee – 35
      Soriano – 20
      Ramirez – 15
      Bradley – 12
      Soto – 11

      2008 Cubs HR leaders:
      Soriano – 29
      Ramirez – 27
      Soto – 23
      DeRosa – 21
      Lee – 20

      2007 Cubs HR leaders:
      Soriano – 33
      Ramirez – 26
      Lee – 22
      DeRosa – 10
      Barrett – 9

      Why would you ever question Soriano’s ability to lead the team in Homers when he has either lead (3 times) or been within 1 HR of the leader (1 time) each and every season he has been here outside the fluke 2009 Lee total?

      If anything, I would say it would be shocking it he wasnt leading the club; or at least close to it. Its exactly what Soriano has always done – hit a bunch of solo homers and almost nothing else…

  • Sam

    this is true, but I was not expecting him to hit this many home runs so early in the season, let alone the fact that I thought he was going to be terrible this season. I should have been more specific.