You’ve no doubt noticed the three DraftStreet banners up on the site for the last week or so. And here’s where I tell you that they’re not quite “just” advertisements. They are foreshadowing something pretty awesome that’s going to be happening here at Bleacher Nation this week.

I can’t tell you the details quite yet (consider this a giant tease), but you’re going to want to make sure you stop by BN tomorrow (Tuesday, May 3). In case you haven’t checked out DraftStreet yet, I’m thinking you might want to take a look … in preparation. Study up, if you will.

DraftStreet is a different kind of fantasy sports site – the gist is, you can play fantasy sports every day for fun or for money. Maybe it’s just me, but my favorite part of the fantasy season is the draft. And with DraftStreet, you can do that part every single day. I’m not just blowing smoke – I really think it’s a brilliant approach to fantasy sports.

As for what’s happening this week, let me put it to you simply. Do you like fantasy baseball? Do you like winning a bunch of cash? Do you like doing things FOR FREE?

If the answers to these questions are yes (come on, you know the answers are yes), then check out DraftStreet, and make sure you come back tomorrow. I promise you – and I rarely do that – it will be worth it. You better believe I will be participating…

More info on DraftStreet here, but, if you just can’t wait for tomorrow and want to sign up now to play some games, use this link: free DraftStreet registration. Warning-ish: the landing page there features a picture of a busty lady in a bikini (covered, but busty indeed).

  • Jim D.

    I am excited to see what tomorrow will bring! That blonde is really hot!

  • Bob

    freeroll huh? Anyone want help from an experienced user at draftstreet in setting your roster, e-mail me at bobby.rogers46@hotmail.com with your request.

    • Ace

      Never used to term “freeroll,” Bob. Not yet, anyway.

  • Tyler


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