Though it’s based largely on the upcoming off-day, Paul Sullivan says James Russell is officially out of the rotation, and back in the bullpen. The Cubs will go with a four-man rotation for the time being, but unless they plan to do a true four-man rotation (will never happen), the team will need a fifth starter at some point next week.

Still, it’s nice to be relieved, if only for an evening.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Very nice! Its about time.

    Also nice to see: Pena finally unleashing on one

    Not so nice to see: Dempster coming back out for the 7th inning having already thrown over 90 pitches. Especially given his recent struggles his past few starts and his consistent struggles in later innings.

  • jh

    My guess is this has less to do with Russells dreadful performance in the rotation and more to due with the bullpen pitching too good. Quade has shown he will put up with awful starting pitching, it’s time for the bullpen to get on board.

    Also, is it just me or has Reed Johnson run the bases like a absolute fucking rookie this year? Unbelievable.

  • Andrew

    If before the season I told you that at this point in the season Samardzija would have the second highest win total on the team would you have sent me to a rehab facility for the drugs I most certainly would have been taking?

    But, as it is, only Big Z has more wins than Spellcheck on this team. Glad to see Dempster put together a good start last night. Hopefully the starting pitching can get it turned around before the season is completely lost.