Coincidence that Starlin Castro’s current cool streak started about the same time this cover went into production?

Castro is telling folks that, not only is he unaware of the SI cover jinx, but, until he was featured, he was unaware of Sports Illustrated altogether. Hopefully that means he’ll avoid the wrath of the fickle gods (not to be confused with the Wrath of God, which I also hope he avoids), and none of this hype will go to his head.

  • Jeff

    As if we need any more jinxes, curses, or hexes? What, they couldn’t find a goat to put on the cover with him?

    • Nikki

      Don’t be so jealous loser!!!! HAHA

      Are you sure you’re not the goat? No wait, your the JACKASS!!

  • Hogie

    His cool streak also started about the same time he got put in the 3 spot.
    I think he can handle it, but he needs to stay there and get his feet under him again.

    • pfk

      Totally disagree. He is not a 3 hole hitter at all and it is messing him up. Great as a leadoff hitter and should stay there. We need a high average AND 20+ home run hitter in the 3-hole.

      • Hogie

        That would be great…except nobody on our team is a high average 20+ homerun hitter.
        Plus he is not destined to be leadoff. Brett Jackson will take over that role and then Castro will hit?? He is probably best as a two hitter, but with Barney tearing it up, what do you do?

        • Bernie the Brewer

          Cubs suck!!!!! Go Brewers!!!!!

  • Ron Isbell

    We met him while he played for the Tenn. Smokies. He could hardly speak English. More pics at our website