This is the kind of off day I can get into. The Cubs are coming off two wins and a winning road trip, the rest of the Central has had a tough half week, and I get to play around with my team for the free $150 fantasy baseball challenge all day today. Noyce.

  • Just a day after we heard he was going to be a good boy on Mother’s Day by helping out a favorite charity of his departed mother’s, Alfonso Soriano was a bad boy, according to Mike Quade. Quade didn’t care for Soriano’s jog out of the box on a pop fly, which found grass in the outfield. What should have been a double turned into a single because of the missing effort, and Quade let Soriano know that kind of thing won’t fly. I can only assume that the Aramis Ramirez lecture is moments away.
  • If Starlin Castro keeps struggling in the three-hole (the freaking Bermuda Triangle for Cubs offense this year), Quade says he’ll tinker with the lineup as necessary. Blame the SI curse, if you must.
  • Carlos Zambrano had a funny answer for an ill-informed Los Angeles blogger, who asked Z if he’s always been passionate and emotional: “Where have you been the last nine years?”
  • http://SOI veryzer

    I’ve always though Castro should be leading off anyway. Someday, when he grows into his power, he’ll be a fine #3 guy, but until then, he should be leading off.

    • awesome

      agree, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Thought this might brighten someone’s day. Was cleaning my living room and came across a copy of the Thursday May 7th, 1998 Chicago Tribune I had saved. Date ring a bell? That’s right! The day after Wood’s 20 K performance. Go Cubs!

    • TWC

      Ray-Bob, you haven’t cleaned your living room in 13 years? Yikes…

      I remember that game. I was still in college at the U of I. As the game went on a few buddies and I bailed on the rest of our class and went home to watch the rest of the game. Pretty incredible feat. It was like the Astros weren’t sure which end of the bat to swing.

      Pretty funny to go look at the full starting lineup that day ( Jeff Blauser? Kevin Orie? Man, what a crappy bottom 1/3 of the order. How the hell did we end up with the Wild Card?

      Oh, yeah, this guy:

      • Ian James

        Can you imagine the hand-wringing over having Mark Grace in the 4 spot if that were this season?
        “Oh my god we don’t have a true clean-up hitter!!! We’ll never make the playoffs!!!”

        • Michigan Goat

          Great perspective!

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Didn’t say I hadn’t cleaned my living room in 13 years. Said I found the paper while cleaning my living room. Any way, that wasn’t the point. I wanted to possibly bring back some memories for some of the readers here. Also, Ace, will we be notified of the DraftStreet results?

    • awesome

      do you always clean your living room every 13 years?

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Or less often.

    • Ace

      You clean far too often.

  • awesome

    i don’t believe anything Quade says. Soriano played lazy under Louie, under Quade last year and this year. Quade is weak, Reed Johnson should get in Soriano’s face. he shows no respect for his teammates. just my opinion.

    • Ace

      A tiger doesn’t change his stripes, as it were.

  • jh

    I must say, Soriano puts it in perspective when Castro loses his wits for a few minutes. This guy is a veteran who should know how to play the game right but it happens all the time. It makes me wonder how much Soriano is rubbing off on Castro. They’re from about 4 hours away from each other and if I remember correctly, Castro actually lived with Soriano in Chicago last year. Scary mentor.

    • pfk

      You could not possibly have 2 worse mentors than Soriano and Ramirez.