The Cubs continue their brutally tough stretch of baseball today with the Reds coming to town (to be followed by the likes of the Marlins, Cardinals, more Reds, the Red Sox… it’s best not to think about it). If the Cubs manage to take two out of three in this one, I’ll do the Internet equivalent of a jig for you all. Not sure what that will be. But I’ll do it.

  • Doug Davis started a High A-ball game yesterday, and – as a big league pitcher should – he tore them youngsters apart. He threw 6.2 innings, allowed no runs, just two hits and a walk, and struck out seven. He’ll likely make his next start at AAA Iowa, and there’s a chance he could be the big team’s fifth starter when that spot next comes up on May 14. Unless my math is off, though, the days don’t quite line up – with normal rest, he’d pitch again on the 10th, and then the 15th.
  • As for the other veteran hopeful starter, Todd Wellemeyer, his minor league debut was less successful. He went just 3.2 innings at AAA Iowa, allowed eight hits, two walks, and four runs.
  • Some fluff if you want to feel good about the rest of the Cubs’ rotation.
  • Some more details on the tough part of the schedule coming up.
  • pfk

    I tuned in the Cardinals (forgive me) for a bit yesterday and watched Pujols, Holliday and Berkman in the 3,4 and 5 holes. They can not only hit but hit in the clutch. Contrast that with Byrd, Ramirez and Pena. Ouch!

    • wax_eagle

      And sadly I don’ think they are paying those 3 guys much more than we are paying Pena, Rami and Byrd…Looked it up and they are combined making 39 this year (pujols 16, Halliday 15, Berkman 8), Byrd Rami and Pena make about 31. (Rami 15, Pena 10, Byrd 6).

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Hendry had to re-sign Ramirez when he did. I thought the Byrd signing was unnecessary at the time and Berkman was my choice over Pena once it became obvious Hendry was going to sign a FA 1st baseman. Now, if Ricketts would just make it official and sign Hendry to an extension, that would be the icing on the cake.

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      Hmmm. Another player goes to St. Louis and finds the “Fountain of Youth”. Must be something in the water there.