It’s games like today’s that make it very hard for folks who write about a team regularly to also be a big-time fan of that team. Because, right now, all I want to do is write “F*CK” over and over again.

How many runs should the Cubs have scored today? I don’t mean, how many runs should they have scored if everything went right; I mean, how many runs should they have scored if everything went *average.* Seven? Eight? Ten? With the opportunities the Cubs’ hitters had today, I can really only think of one thing to say.


  • jared

    Yeah. This game made me sick to my stomach, and almost made me break things at work.

  • CJL

    For what it’s worth…

    I went to the game today and sat in a cushy corporate box. It was three down from Ricketts. The big hub-bub today was that mayor Ram was in the Ricketts box. He was there in the first inning. Tom was in the box after he left.

    I had to leave the game at about 345 to hit the train to pick my son ip from baseball and go to hockey practice, where I write this post. I left after the sixth, which is where they screwed up a bases loaded opportunity. I hit the head before I left. The boxes at Wrigley are so contrived there are not private bathrooms but public ones.

    When I went to take a whizz, Tom stepped up next to me. We both washed our hands at the same time. We hit the towel dispenser at the same time. He deferred to me and let me go first. He then held the door for me. As we both made the long walk to the stairs down, aide by side, I finally turned to him and said, “good luck”.

    He said thanks. He was visibly irritated and said to me “we just cant keep doing this. Two innings this game we should have scored and couldn’t. We can’t win an compete if we keep doing this. We have to get better.”.

    I was pretty shocked. I have had season tickets for ten years and cancelled then this year. I was pretty stunned at the number of empty swats today. Never been to a Bice may Friday game with empty seats. I think upper management gets it. And they will eventually get it right.

    Doesn’t make this loss any better, but maybe we are on the long track in the long run.

    • CJL

      Sorry bout the typos above, iPhone.

    • Ace

      Thanks for that, CJL. It’s good to hear at least that Ricketts was as pissed today as we were.

      I’m resisting the urge to ask whether, at the urinal/trough, you… you know… looked.

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      The Ricketts’ are still making a profit on their investment. That’s all they care about. They won’t make any changes that don’t help them make money. Build an organization that wins a World Series? Not important.

      • Wickit

        It is a business, but you also have to look at it likethe more you win the more money you make. If you win the World series you can jack up advertising and not to mention the ticket sales, which are down for the Cubs.

        • Ace

          There’s no doubt that making the playoffs/winning in the playoffs could generate a whole lot more revenue than the Ricketts are seeing now.

          • Raymond Robert Koenig

            No doubt. But not as much revenue as a new spring training facility or the Triangle Building and everything that goes with that. Those are the things Ricketts really cares about.

      • Ron

        I completely disagree with that sentiment, it is so Cubs under the Tribune. You don’t start and create a billion dollar business by not having a competitive nature. Winning no matter what your business is the goal. I cannot imagine they would put up that kind of money just to break even or get by to have the trophy of ownership when bringing a world series to Chicago would make you a legend. I think he gets it and this story just confirms it to me.

  • Dan0mite

    Today’s game was a brutal one. I jumped ship after they had the bases loaded with no outs and only got one run. It’s just easier to change the channel sometimes than to watch the Cubs just give the game away.

    • Ace

      It’s sad, but true. Often I’m left with the choice between ruining my Friday night, or risking missing the Cubs come back. I often choose the latter, and it’s rarely a bad move.

  • Caleb

    Not much can make a fresh break-up with a girl you love worse, but this game sure did. Thanks for that, Cubs. Real classy.

    We take the next 2, then win 5 of the next 6. 7 of 9 on the homestand.