Doug Davis Won’t Be the Fifth Starter Next Weekend

Given his successful gearing up efforts so far, including a dominating performance at high A on Thursday, many folks were speculating that Doug Davis would be the guy to step into the Chicago Cubs’ fifth starter spot when it is next needed (Saturday, May 14). While he made sense as the guy to take the spot, I was concerned that the days just wouldn’t line up. And unfortunately, I was right.

Left-hander Doug Davis will move to Class AAA Iowa for a start Wednesday after working 62/3 scoreless innings for Class A Daytona on Thursday. That will rule him out of the Cubs’ game against the San Francisco Giants next Saturday, when the Cubs next will need a fifth starter.

Quade and general manager Jim Hendry haven’t discussed options for that game yet. Chicago Sun-Times.

Two thoughts:

(1) The other most-likely non-James Russell candidate for the spot, AAA starter Ramon Ortiz, last started on May 4, which would line him up perfectly to take a spot start on the 14th. Of course, the Cubs could have had him up for at least the last two Russell disasters if they wanted.

(2) I know that you can’t always control a guy’s rehab. He’s ready to do X only when he’s successfully done Y. I get that. But, still… if you knew Davis was going to be the preferred fifth starter fill-in (and everyone knew this as early as three weeks ago), I’d like to believe it would have been possible to structure his rehab so that he doesn’t miss the chance to take over the spot by just one or two days. It’s not as if it was impossible in mid-April to look at the schedule and project when, in mid-May, the fifth starter spot would come up.

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18 responses to “Doug Davis Won’t Be the Fifth Starter Next Weekend”

  1. Bric

    Seriously, has the Cubs organizatonal team management been run by a bunch of monkeys this year? Even when Hendry has made a good decision, like signing Davis (which was pretty much a no-brainer considering Davis always looked Nolan Ryan when he pitched against the Cubs) he’s still managed to fuck it up somehow. He didn’t plan out the rehab to get him ready as quick as possible? Figures. BTW, Guyer hit a homer in his first AB with the Rays last night. And the hits just keep on comin’…

  2. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Or you start him on short rest. No. Wait, I’m sorry. No pitcher has ever started a game at the ML level with less than 4 days rest. My bad.

  3. Caleb

    He’s not even tired! It’s a known fact that veteran pitchers, when throwing at the A level in rehab, often use their “other” arm for the entire game, just to save their dominant arm for later. So he probably has a fresh left arm- I say put him in!

    Heart breaker last night. FIrst time this season I’ve been Cub-disgusted. I wonder what the stats are for teams that have 0 out, bases full, don’t score, and go on to lose. What’s the most times that’s happened on a team that later won their division? Etc. I know those stats are out there somewhere.

    Sigh. Get ‘em today!


    1. Bric

      And the worst part is that other than the Rockies we haven’t really faced any top level teams. What’s the hitting gonna look like when we have face real pitchers of the Cards, Phillies, Marlins, Giants, and Braves. This is seriously the worst put together team in the last five years. If Rudy’s is as good as everyone seems to think (and it’s showing with the younger players) there’s really no reason not to start shopping the veterans early before the market lowers their value.
      Oh wait… Hendry still believes we’re a playoff team once Wells and Casher come back. And Ricketts is afraid the fans won’t show up to see a bunch of young kids play. And I forgot about all the high salaries and NTCs. Back to the five year plan…

  4. roughriider

    Hopefully it’s a case of Davis not being ready for a rehab start when the Cubs needed him to be ready. If that’s the case then he probably wouldn’t be ready to start a game in the majors (on the 14th) anyway and may need two starts in AAA. Hopefully it isn’t a case of them being unable to think two weeks in advance.

  5. TSB

    Doesn’t matter how he pitches. If he gives up three, the Cubs will score two. If he gives up two, the Cubs will score one. If he gives up one…

  6. Eric

    I’m not sure how much more i can take of quade’s poor management. It was only time before Coleman would lose control, and ultimately lose the lead. You take Coleman out before the 7th, put in marshall, wood, and marmol. take the W, with quade though, that’s not the case.

    1. pfk

      I couldn’t believe they sent him out for the 7th with a 1 run lead and having thrown 90 pitches. And, has everyone had enough of Ramirez with RISP?

      1. Eric

        It’s always a good sign when your clean-up hitter has 1 home run…

  7. pfk

    Poor Colvin, he’s never adjusted to the low and away pitch….like Patterson and Pie. Good kid buts its been since mid year last season that pitchers figured him out and now he’s toast. Only way he can fix it is to play and they should send him down to do just that than keep him on the bench.

    1. Jeff

      Agree completely, the mismanagement of Tyler Colvin is another in what’s becoming a long line of questionable organizational moves. Too bad, this team seems like it could contend with some competent leadership/management.

  8. pfk

    Well how about that?! Pena hits a blast, Fukudome comes through. Cubs Win! Whew, I was about to throw my TV out the window.