Todd Wellemeyer Has Retired

Former Cub and then not Cub and then Cub again Todd Wellemeyer will not be joining the team’s rotation this year or any year – he’s decided to hang ‘em up. Just 32, Wellemeyer has been dealing with a hip problem, and, after an unsuccessful start at AAA Iowa this week, it appears he feels like it’s the end of the line.

It’s always a little sad when a guy retires, ostensibly because of injury, and before his productive time in baseball might otherwise have been over. Best of luck, Todd.

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15 responses to “Todd Wellemeyer Has Retired”

  1. roughriider

    Good Luck in the future. It is sad to see a career cut short by injury.

  2. Jeff

    The news of the last couple of days has “James Russell 5th starter” written all over it.

  3. Cardfan

    I guess I saw it as less of a “hip” problem and more of an “ERA” problem…

    1. Bric

      Ace, can’t you do something about Cardfan’s avatar…like photoshop a steroid needle over the bat, or a bottle Jack?

  4. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Statement game today. To be a contender, teams have to show they can win 2 of 3 in home series. And beat their division rivals. Dempster needs to come up big.

  5. Ian James

    Crap now I have to take him off my MLB 2K11 team where he was doing well…

  6. Ian James

    Oh my god Ace – I just remembered I had a dream last night where I met you and you turned out to be a sexy blond woman.
    I’m not joking.