His short outing at AAA yesterday was indeed the tea leaf to read – Doug Davis will start on Saturday for the Chicago Cubs, the first day in a week and a half that they need a fifth starter. Davis, 35, hasn’t pitched in the bigs since mid-2010, and he wasn’t particularly good that year – going just 1-4 with a 7.51 ERA. He was dealing with shoulder issues and a heart problem at the time, however, both of which he is reportedly over.

Reports say Davis looks good, even if he was never a dominating starter even during his best days. He had a few successful minor league outings, and he’ll probably give the Cubs a chance to win on Saturday. A chance.

The most important takeaway: there’s is zero chance this is not a better decision than going with James Russell again. I was critical of the Cubs for poor planning with respect to Davis’ schedule, so I commend them for righting that wrong.

I do not, however, absolve the team of subjecting us to four (*FOUR*) James Russell starts.

  • Jeff

    Odds on Doug Davis looking very James Russell like on Sunday?

  • Michigan Goat

    And there was much rejoicing, Yeah!

    And whats that, we scored 5 with bases loaded, our 1-6 hitters all reached base, Castro clears bases with a triple I knew at some point baseball gods would rain down lightening and wake this team up.

  • TWC

    Why the hell is Colvin pinch hitting for Garza? It’s only the 5th inning (85 pitches), and Colvin of late ain’t that much better a hitter than Garza.

    • greg

      Because of the rain delay

      • TWC

        That’s what I get for turning it on late.

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