Though it’s pretty much a given that, when the organization tells its next-in-line catcher to immediately stop playing baseball, the catcher ahead of him is going on the disabled list, we now know officially that Geovany Soto is headed to the DL and will be out a couple weeks at least.

In the also-expected corresponding move, the Cubs called up catching prospect Welington Castillo, whom you may remember from such Spring Trainings as the one this year in which he tore shit up. You may also remember him from such absurd organizational moves as the one where the organization paid Koyie Hill nearly $1 million to be the backup catcher and sent Castillo the minors.

Despite the call-up, you should brace yourself now for the fact that Hill is almost certain to be the nominal starter while Soto is out. Castillo, 24, will get a start here and there, but his presence is not an opportunity for the Cubs to see what he can do – it’s simply a matter of getting the best available catcher on the roster, because you need two catchers. Hill has worked with the starters, they like him, and he’ll be the guy. Lump it.

  • http://twitter.com/thomaswconroy TWC

    *ring ring*

    “Yeah, hey, is this Max? Max Ramirez? Hey, buddy, it’s Jim. Hendry. Yeah, ‘member be? Right, from last week… um, hey, listen, about that ‘released’ thing… Oh?… Oh, yeah? Really? The *Astros*? Huh. No, um… well… no, we’re cool. Yeah, good luck to you, too, thanks.”


    • Ace

      Ha. Eh – he kinda stunk up the joint at AAA.

  • awesome

    Castillo: move over ty, give me some room.

  • miggy80

    I know I’m being selfish, but this puts another damper on my Wrigley visit this weekend. Doh!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/thomaswconroy TWC

      Dude, two words: Jeff Pico.

      Strange things have happened at Wrigley. Enjoy your game!

      • miggy80

        thanks TWC!

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Doug Davis starting Saturday.

    • Ace

      You are fast. And it’s appreciated.

  • Dave

    I would never say that I hope Hill gets attacked by wolves in the parking lot, but if it were to happen……

    • Cardfan

      Could he be standing next to Theriot when it happens?

    • Ace

      Neither would I.

      I would pull for drugged-up armadillos.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    At least the Cub pitchers like him as their catcher.

  • Cheryl

    When everything seems logical in terms of catching, expect the cubs to go in the opposite direction.

  • greg

    It’s okay! Even Koyie just got a hit!

    • greg


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