Quick. Name the position at which the Chicago Cubs would experience the most severe downgrade on the current roster if the starter went down with injury.

*Jeopardy Music*

Correct. It’s catcher. And Geovany Soto has a strained left groin muscle.

Soto apparently was hurt during Matt Holliday’s at-bat in the Cardinals’ first. The Cubs catcher came up limping after a foul ball by Holliday. Soto was lifted for pinch-hitter Koyie Hill in the Chicago first.

“He did the splits to block a ball in the first inning, and the splits were not good,” Cubs manager Mike Quade said. “We need to be careful with this.” cubs.com.

Soto will have an MRI today, and, at a minimum, is going to miss a few days. The Cubs had catching prospect Welington Castillo pulled from the AAA Iowa lineup yesterday, and he might be on his way to Chicago in case the Cubs decide to put Soto on the disabled list.

Soto hasn’t quite been himself offensively this year, but Koyie Hill is never going to produce on a level near Soto’s worst days. Still, pitchers, for whatever reason, love throwing to him. So, even if Castillo joins the team, you can probably expect Hill to be the starter during Soto’s absence.

  • Adam

    I wouldn’t expect Hill the be the starter by any means. He supposedly brings defense to the table, although he misses a throw in from Dome at the plate which came on a Sunday hop. If he is called up and doesn’t play the majority of the time (disregard performance) than I am going to have some issues with Mr. Quade.

  • jstraw

    “Soto hasn’t quite been himself offensively this year, but Koyie Hill is never going to produce dick.”


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  • Jeff

    “Still, pitchers, for whatever reason, love throwing to him.”
    Of course they do! He can’t hit the ball any better than my grandmother could. Oh, what’s that, you were referring to Cub’s pitchers?

  • Michigan Goat

    I’d be okay with Soto going on the 15 day and letting Castillo have a chance… Of course even if he hits .500 with 5 HR Hendry would send him down to keep Hill on the roster.

    • willis

      If he is going to be out a week or so, then yes, put him on there. But you, me, and everyone on the planet knows Quade will ride Castillo on the bench and play the fuck out of Hill. And that throw he dropped last night was ridiculous. Really couldn’t have asked for a better thrown from Fuk.

      • Michigan Goat

        I know I guess I just need to ignore logic and think like the “Jimbo & Q Show”

  • pfk

    Do we really have to discuss this? I get sick every time we do. A mystery as deep as that of the ancient pyramids.

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