Enhanced Box Score: Cardinals 9, Cubs 1 – May 12, 2011

You’ll forgive the delay in today’s EBS – the beer in which I was drowning my frustration tasted too good to think about discussing this shit show.

Actually, there isn’t much to discuss. It was a whoopin’. At least it counts as only one loss.

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17 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cardinals 9, Cubs 1 – May 12, 2011”

  1. Serio


  2. Brian

    I am still baffled as to why Castillo got the start. Koyie Hill had arguably one of his best offensive outings in a long time last night. I have never heard of benching a guy who was accountable for two big scoring plays the night before. Castillo had potential but against a guy like Garcia, you need to put in the player with more experience (Hill). Oh well plenty more baseball to be played but that 6th inning made Sarah Jessica Parker look worthy of winning the beauty contest!

    1. 1060Ivy

      Fairly common practice to share catching responsibilities for a night game followed by a day game. Specially after the evening game ended late due to rain delay.

      If Hill would have been in and not produced, fans would have complained that Castillo wasn’t given a chance after being called up.

  3. Dan0mite

    I’m too lazy to do the leg work but I seem to remember that last year if the Cubs blew a team out the next day that same team would blow the Cubs out. Does anyone else remember this or are willing to check?

    P.S Marina Orlova for Cubs rep.

  4. TimmyD78

    I really thought we could take the series. To bad Wells wasn’t taking his normal turn in the rotation cuz he pitched really good against the cards last time he faced them.

  5. cubs25

    I believe the next rep should be Boo, the world’s “cutest dog”. He is a Cub’s fan…

  6. pfk

    Just noticed that Tampa Bay, with a payroll of $42M, is in first place. The Marlins, with a payroll of $57M, is pushing the Phillies. Pittsburgh, with a payroll of $35M, is ahead of the Cubs. The Cubs have a payroll of $125M and are terrible. If that doesn’t get your GM fired, what will? Stop playing the fact that Wilken and Fleita might leave. Let them. They are good but not great and I’m sure there are better ones out there. If they are the reason Hendry stays, this is one screwed up organization.

    1. 1060Ivy

      So the route to the playoffs must be to slash player payroll.

      Sorry, the Cubs already attempted to do the small market mentality thing, it doesn’t work unless you have great scouts who can identify cheap talent, player development capabilities and a great GM who can identify when to let current players go before they turn into overpaid veterans.

      There’s a strong correlation between high payroll and playoff teams. Cubs play in one of the largest markets and have strong revenues. Put the revenue to use by building an organization that has the ability to scout, develop and sign players and sign worthwhile free agents.

      Tribune / Zell pumped up player spending and now the time is stuck with overpaid veterans.

      The current Cubs have a bunch of single hitters most of which are being paid as guys who produce 100 RBIs a season.

  7. Raymond Robert Koenig

    If Ricketts fires Hendry, what are Wilken and Fleita going to do? Quit, in a show of support for Hendry? Please!