It’s always nice to go into the third game of a series with a chance to win the series, but beating Jaime Garcia today – behind Casey Coleman facing the Cardinal lineup – is going to be a tall task. Perhaps Jim Hendry can hug Garcia before the game and throw everyone off. Heck, if he hugs him hard enough…

  • Mike Quade is sufficiently concerned with the team’s defense that he had a team meeting yesterday to address it. He’s mostly concerned with “errors” that don’t show up as “errors” on the stat sheet – bad routes, missed cut-off men, lack of hustle, etc. Outside of a handful of mistakes on Tuesday, I’m not sure that I’ve seen these kind of issues – but it’s good to see Quade being proactive.
  • As I guessed, it sounds like Koyie Hill will get the majority of starts behind the plate while Geovany Soto is out. If he keeps hitting like he did last night, no one will complain. That said, the stated reason for starting Hill more – Welington Castillo has to learn how to call a good game. Um, like, Geovany Soto didn’t even call his own games for years. Larry Rothschild called the game from the dugout. So let’s not act like it’s an absolute requisite that the catcher call every single pitch. Just saying.
  • Speaking of which, Geovany Soto’s MRI results came back pretty good. He’s not expected to be out longer than the 15 days required by his DL stint.
  • Aramis Ramirez will miss Friday’s game against the Giants to head home to the Dominican Republic and attend to a family matter.
  • Randy Wells will throw in an extended Spring Training game today, and, if it goes well, a rehab stint in the minors could be in the offing. Andrew Cashner is expected to throw live BP again today.
  • Last year’s first round pick, Hayden Simpson, is probably ok after leaving his start on Tuesday after just one inning with (scary-sounding) “shoulder tightness.” He’s already back on the field taking pitcher’s fielding practice, and Oneri Fleita says it’s nothing to be concerned about. Vague reports of his velocity not topping 90 mph this year (after hitting the mid-90s last year in college), however, keep me a bit nervous.
  • Phil Rogers says five other teams are more likely to sign Albert Pujols after the season than are the Cubs. I’d almost missed this kind of informationless, rank speculation. I think there are 12 teams more likely to sign Pujols!
  • Serio

    I heard that Castillo will get the majority of starts behind the plate

  • Caleb

    Also, loved this quote from Q:

    If Hill was hurt Tuesday, who would be the Cubs’ emergency catcher?

    “I’ll tell you guys this, and he’ll say, ‘What?’ but my sense is Reed Johnson,” Quade said. “I think he’d run through a wall for any circumstance.”

    THAT’S why I love Reed Johnson.

  • Bric

    The talk about Hendry leaving after this year is a joke. He should’ve been handed his hat after the Bradley debacle. But like a true politician, he plays on people’s fears. The newist fear: he’ll take Tim Wilken with him. And maybe Jarimillo. And maybe Fleita. And maybe a couple others… My response to that weak ass threat – so take ’em with you.

    If you guys are as “good” as “everybody” says you are, why are the Cubs 16 and 20 with no outstanding prospects, haven’t won a playoff game in 8 years, and yet one of the highest payrolls in baseball? Could it be because you’re only “good” in your own minds and you’re taking advantage of a win-starved fanbase and franchise? I only post this because of the latest posting about Simpson. This organization has become a joke. I’m convinced the collective fans of Bleacher Nation could do a better job and with much less of an attitude about “How great we are”. And if fantasy baseball has proven anything, it’s that the fans would do it for basically no paycheck- just the desire to win.

  • jim

    cubs dumped gorzelany to save a few pennies and now we have only three ml starters!

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      After the rest of this year and 2012 for Hendry maybe there’s hope for the fans.

  • awesome

    if Hendry were to leave and take Fleita, Tim, and Rudy, where would he take them? what other organization would hire him as GM? maybe Louie has an extra room in Florida.