It sucks that the game was called early, but, let’s face it, the Cubs weren’t coming back tonight. At least Doug Davis had a successful debut. It’s hard to blame him for the two unearned runs, and he was otherwise very solid. In other words, James Russell he was not. Too bad he wasn’t “ready” a few weeks ago.

  • TWC

    I had the Gameday app up while I was cooking dinner. Saw Samardzija had two strikes on Rowland at the top of the seventh for like 45 minutes. Kept thinking that my Internet connection had gone down.

  • http://fu Brutal

    JUNE 27. Yep. June 27 is the Monday that SF and Cubs both are off. June 28 is Cubs v Ginats at Wrigley. So we played half a game today ignoring the open spot on June 27 that we could have scheduled a makeup. Brutal. The only thing more upsetting is Gorzelanny’s ERA. oh yeah, we dont need him…we have great starters! James Russell and Casey Coleman are legit!……Legit pieces of >>>>>!!!!