Justin Berg is Headed Back to Iowa

The Cubs had to send somebody out in order to activate Doug Davis for his start this evening, and the unfortunate soul is reliever Justin Berg. Berg had a 4.09 ERA over 11 innings and six appearances in his brief stint with the team.

The move was expected, and demonstrates how committed the Cubs are to keeping Marcos Mateo – and his 5.40 ERA – in the big league pen. He’s allowed an atrocious 27 baserunners in 15 innings, but he’s striking out over a guy per inning.

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6 responses to “Justin Berg is Headed Back to Iowa”

  1. Raymond Robert Koenig

    DeWitt’s at 3B tonight.

  2. pfk

    Sweet Jesus, Q has Castro batting third again. I can’t believe it! So now he’ll go back to trying to pull everything – just as he was getting back to hitting to all fields. Tonight’s lineup looks like it was put together by pulling names out of a hat. No sense at all. The longer this season goes along, the more I think this is as bad as the college of coaches the Cubs had in ’61 and ’62 (showing my age). Utterly depressing.

  3. al

    Ace would it be possible to get the scoreboard back up in the corner like it used to…?? Since i moved i cant/dont watch everygame and i’m losing track of when they play…thx in advance….