Meta: New Look, Same Adequate Taste

If you’re reading this, and you’ve visited Bleacher Nation before, you’re no doubt noticing that the place looks a little different. I know, I know: people hate change. Hopefully you’ll agree that the changes are minor and for the better.

For now, the changes are almost exclusively cosmetic. I haven’t been crazy about the site design for some time now, and I’ve quietly been working behind the scenes on a revamped look for a few months now.

Among the improvements:

  • More content on the home page. Although the traditional “blog” style has its virtues, I always hated that, after a day or two, posts got completely buried. Sure, you could page back if you were so inclined, but if you didn’t visit the site every day, you probably missed a number of posts. And, I’m not vain or anything, but I tend to think you’re here because you want to read the posts. The new design keeps a whole lot more of the content accessible from the front page for a while longer.
  • Easier navigation. It should be a lot easier now to find what you’re looking for, to the extent you’re looking for something other than the most recent post or two.
  • Cleaner look. Yes, this might be a matter of taste, but I think the site looks a whole lot better – there aren’t a million words crammed into a smaller space. I just think it’s prettier. It’s wider, too. That helps.
  • Back-end stuff. There are changes associated with the new site that make it easier for me to keep doing what I do.
  • Ad integration. I know you don’t care about this – in fact, you’re probably dreading the idea that the site will incorporate advertisements. I apologize, but I’ve got to pay the bills. In theory, the new design will allow me to integrate those ads in a much, much more seamless way. Seamless = bugs you less.

As I said, I know change is not always welcomed. I hope this is received well, but, to the extent you have gripes, do let me know. Obviously I’m not looking to drive anyone away and there’s always room for improvement.


Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

27 responses to “Meta: New Look, Same Adequate Taste”

  1. TWC

    Nice work, Ace! I appreciate your efforts. And the anguish, I’m sure.

    But, seriously, when do we get the Samardzija/Hershiser countdown clock on the banner? He’s down to 58-1/3…

  2. Lok

    No more threaded replies to comments?

    If not, that’s about the only thing that I’ve noticed which would make me dislike this change vs. the old. Either way, it’s your sandbox, we’re just playin’ in it!

  3. DaveB23

    Looks great Ace, thanks for everything that you do!! And on a bit of an unrelated note, hows your fantasy team doing? This season has been my first experience with fantasy baseball but I’ve been enjoyin it quite a bit

  4. brian

    Ace, been a long time since I commented but I’ve been lurking, not to sound too creepy… Site looks amazing!

  5. pfk

    Nice job Ace. I like the look and think it is more user friendly. Also, less filling, tastes great too.

  6. george tomek

    Eggselent updates. As a designer, I can appreciate change pretty good, as there’s always room for improvement. Good work…

  7. Michigan Goat

    Ace, Noticed that the top blue box story at he top has the “leave a comment” line cut off. I’m using an iPad so I’m not sure if it’s just a Safari thing, but wanted to let you know.

  8. Michigan Goat

    Just be sure not to keep moving the order around just because you can… ala Quade’s lineup

  9. Jamesjones

    Ace, you ever thought of having your “fan base” contribute content to the site?

  10. Jamesjones

    Oh and the site looks great btw.

  11. Quinn

    Good work Ace! Site looks great!