Aw, crap.

Andrew Cashner, out since his first start of the year, had today’s extended Spring Training start scratched after feeling tightness in his shoulder. Indeed, it was the dreaded “tightness” that revealed his strained rotator cuff in the first place. He’ll undergo another MRI, and we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t show any new damage.

Either way, it’s hard to see this not setting back his return by another couple weeks. He wasn’t expected back for another two to three weeks as it was, so a setback could push his return into late June or even July.


  • Jerry McClellan

    That certainly isn’t good. Gotta wonder how long this will linger and is surgery is now a possibility. The Cubs may need to start looking at other options if this Doug Davis thing doesn’t work out. He did pitch well in awful conditions and didn’t get any run support. Looks like this will be another lost season.

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  • MichiganGoat

    Ouch… I don’t think anything is more scary than hearing a pitcher has unspecified or diagnosed problems in his shoulder. I hope this new MRI shows something concrete and we can do the necessary surgery to repair the problem. Cashner is young enough he could do Tommy John or something else and still have a strong career, but if we can’t identify the problem and rest is the only solution I fear for the future since this can be a lingering that we will deal with for years. I hope for the best, but this is very scary for his future. I just hope that the bullpen to starter to bullpen to starter carousel isn’t the cause this organization has ruined too many promising young arms

  • Dan0mite

    At least Doug Davis had an okay outing the other day. Had he been destroyed this would have sucked even more. If Davis continues to pitch well and Randy Wells comes back soon then the Cashner situation should be manageable.

    • Ace

      You’re right; though counting on Doug Davis is probably a strategy likely to bite us. Plus, I just want to see Cashner pitch.

  • Jeff

    Thanks Ace, you just crapped in my cheerios for the rest of the season with one post.