Jim Hendry is Pretend Fired and Other Bullets

It’s hard to sweep a two-game series, much like it’s hard to sweep a doubleheader. But the Cubs have their two best pitchers (so far this year, anyway) going against the Reds in a ballpark where the team has had a lot of success over the years. It’s better than Wrigley, anyway – the Cubs are just 9-13 at home this year.

  • Jim Hendry was fired on Friday, according to ESPN radio personality, Colin Cowherd. Don’t get titillated - Hendry wasn’t actually fired. The whole thing came from a joke/wishful-thinking column by Kent Sterling, which was passed on to Cowherd, who somehow interpreted it as fact, live on the air. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me.
  • Mike Quade summed up the Cubs’ play so far this year, after a disappointing homestand: “We’re not there yet, and that’s a fact.” The “yet” is both appreciated and optimistic.
  • Saturday’s game was played in the worst conditions many Cubs had ever played in. The fact that it was a national broadcast on Fox, I’m sure, has nothing to do with the fact that it wasn’t postponed.
  • Sunday’s rainout allowed the Cubs to push Casey Coleman’s next start back to Thursday, which makes it slightly more likely that Randy Wells will be ready to return in time to take over that spot in the rotation after just one more start. That’s assuming Doug Davis is the preferred rotation holdover rather than Coleman, which is, indeed, what I’m assuming.

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10 responses to “Jim Hendry is Pretend Fired and Other Bullets”

  1. Caleb

    Yeah…. but I kind of want to see Doug Davis again.

    Wells in, Davis in, Coleman out? Or one more for Coleman and Davis and extend Wells’ rehab?

    Or maybe Russell? He’s been throwing well.

  2. Michigan Goat

    Cowherd is an idiot, I like to think the monolith that is ESPN can fact check these rumors before he reports them on air. But it is an interesting commentary on how quickly news sources are pressured to report so that they don’t become scooped. Its tougher and tougher to find true integrity among the “elite” (and yes sarcasm is to be read) news sources.

  3. miggy80

    Saturday was also the worst game (weather wise) I went to as a fan! DeWitt should of stoped a couple balls that got by. I was wondering did the broacast pick up the crowd when they started chanting “Joe Buck Sucks”

  4. TWC

    While the weather during that game looked miserable indeed, haven’t we heard the whole “worst conditions ever played in” thing a couple of times already this year? Has the weather in Chicago really been that bad? Or does hyperbole still reign as status quo?

    It’s been 10 years since I left Chicago. I can’t really fathom that weather anymore.

    1. miggy80

      TWC I’m 31 and live in Des Moines, IA and went to Friday and Saturdays game and for May it has to be the coldest wetest windest May I can remember. Friday the temp was 72 then about 11:00, we were staying down by the pier, the temp dropped and a fog came rolling in off the lake then Saturday the rain came. It was so windy Friday night we did a cruise on the lake and it was so ruff I got sea sick! We had a blast but the weather was flippin nuts for the Middle of May.