In what was the worst-kept secret roster move of the month, late last night, the Chicago Cubs sent reserve outfielder Tyler Colvin to AAA Iowa. There, Colvin will be able to start regularly, and perhaps break out of his season-long funk. Colvin is hitting justĀ .113/.191/.258 in 62 at bats, with two homers and 17 strikeouts.

Whether the origins of the aforementioned funk lay in his intermittent usage this year, or in the adjustments pitchers have made to approaching his at bats (and the lack of a corresponding adjustment by Colvin), the team hopes regular starts at AAA will be the salvo.

Jim Hendry had some harsh words about the move.

“It wasn’t that he wasn’t given enough at-bats. He didn’t earn enough at-bats. The other guys here outplayed him. He needs to go down and play for a few weeks and once he does we can go back to the plan we had for him. He completely understood and was looking forward to getting some at-bats.”

None of that is wrong, of course. Just kind of harsh, bro.

The Cubs have yet to make a corresponding move, but Paul Sullivan says 24-year-old Tony Campana will get the call, rather than older outfielders Fernando Perez or Lou Montanez. Campana, who would have to be added to the 40-man roster (which stands at 39), was a 13th round pick in 2008, and has an .824 OPS at AAA Iowa. He had a breakout year offensively in 2010 at AA Tennessee, in which he hit .319 with a .378 OBP. Before that, he was a whole lot of speed and little else. Campana is not considered a big-time prospect – he turns 25 in a couple weeks – but he could prove to be an intriguing player off the bench over the next few years.

  • Hogie

    No love for Lahair?

    • Ace

      Cubs need a fifth outfielder, not another first baseman (though, I suppose if Baker was proficient in the outfield…). Plus, Campana, if he’s the choice, has a whole lot of speed.

      • Hogie

        My bad, I thought he played corner outfield as well.

  • al

    we need a guy that understands what it means to SPOT start or pinch hit. A 25 yr old guy who just had a breakout yr doesnt get that yet..he wont be able to start it up and shut it down quickly enough…Is Lenny Harris or Darryl Ward available??

    • Ace

      Did you ever think you’d see the day that you were pining for Darryl freaking Ward?

  • Ron

    Hendry’s reaction tells me the seat is getting pretty hot and that someone is going to hold him accountable for his decisions. Blame other when you picked them.

    • Ace

      It was definitely an atypical reaction for Hendry. Wonder if he’s getting frustrated, knowing things are on the line for him this year.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    I had to laugh about Campana not being a “big-time” prospect because he’s 24 years old and only at AAA. How many older players do the Cubs have at lower levels? Nice farm system. One more reason Hendry needs to go. He has a reputation as a good judge of “talent”, but his system is average at best after all his years on the job.

  • jh

    Really, really inappropriate comments by Hendry. Colvin wasn’t given a chance for all the reasons already listed (low in the batting order, sporadic playing time, etc.). I get that Colvin has been terrible but comments like that are what make a player (or players) really dislike the organization. All he had to say was that Colvin needed regular playing time and would be back later once he finds his stride. It amazes me that Colvin didn’t earn it according to Hendry and yet I look around the lineup and really only see a handful of guys who have “earned it” this year. Don’t sandbag a young player because your team is doing exactly what everyone (except Hendry) predicted.

  • Dennis Gudorf

    Based on Hendry’s comment, everybody but Castro, Barney and maybe Fukodome should be sent down because they sure as hell aren’t “earning” any playing time. The Manager should be sent down along with the 3b coach and the pitching coach because they aren’t earning any playing time. Hendry shouldn’t be sent down, he should be released, period.

    • Ace

      Ha. Touche.

  • ME1963

    Send Hendry down!

  • Brody

    Anybody else missin some Micah Hoffpauir?…

    • Ace

      Wonder how he’s enjoying Japanese cuisine.