Can someone please explain to me how this keeps happening? Sure, I’m more prone to melodrama than most; but, I mean, if you need proof that (1) there is a God, and (2) He hates Cubs fans, look no further than the first month and a half of this season.

There is no reason to feel anything but terrible about this game. More errors. More poor execution. More boneheaded plays. More men left on base. Two games in a row that should have been in the bag.

  • Caleb

    I hate everything.

  • Ace

    It gets worse: the box score has been updated to now reflect that NONE of the Reds SEVEN runs was earned.

    Go Cubs, go!

  • Nick

    Quad in over his head. No execution, no passion, no hustle from this team. I was hoping to make it through june before closing the book on this team. What a travesty. I hope wrigley continues to be empty until the appropriate changes are made

  • Jelly

    This team is so far up shit river, there’s no chance of turning it around. Screw the fact that there are still two and a half months left. That’s four and a half months too long. This level of play is just flat out disgusting.

    • Jelly

      Shit. Four and a half months on the first part. Too pissed to get things right.

  • Kevin

    I bet Ryno is glad to be in the Philly organization!

    • Ryno

      let me go. move on.

  • Diego

    No fundamentals….

  • Mike

    Amen Diego. Absolutely fundamentals. This is bad baseball. I’ve seen better excution in slow pitch softball.

    • awesome

      and remember what ricky and Hendry said “Quade is a teacher”, lol.

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    man…totally agree with you guys..iam so pissed at are team..weve had sooo many chances to win soo many games..this is totally unexceptable..i said it and i will say it again Jim Hendry has fucked our team for a longtime…carlos pena is starting to get hot..2 games in a row hes given us the lead..and 2 games weve seemed to fuck our selves in the end..errors and poor pitching.. thank god my AL team Cleveland Indians are tearing up..thats the only thing that keeps in sane…becuz the cubs dont!

    • Jamesjones

      Bah. I can not stand people who have an N.L. Team or an A.L. Team. When people ask me who my second favorite baseball team is, I reply, the Iowa Cubs and so on. I like certain players but I will be damned if I choose to adopt an American League team like a red headed step child. Tonight’s game was just frustrating. I don’t even get pissed because im just numb from all the other crappy, pathetic play from our guys. Sigh.

      • Jamesjones

        I did mean to say have both an AL AND an NL team. Bah. Sleep time.

  • pfk

    Lets look on the bright side. Rumor had it that if the Cubs were 10 games out by June, Hendry was a goner. We are now 7 games out and still have 14 more days in May. So, by my math, we are now only 3 games from salvation. Yesssssss! Hopefully, Ricketts will shake up the organization by 1) hiring an excellent team president and 2) that president will hire a great GM. If Ricketts is going to act as both the chairman and president, then lets hope he hires a great GM. This next GM hire will tell us plenty about the new ownership and the organization’s chances of success.

    • Ace

      One thing – the Cubs need a President who’s a baseball man, not a business man (sorry, Crane); or they need a director of baseball operations. I think you’re spot on.

      • TWC

        Where should I send my resumé?

        • Ace

          Round bin, my office.

  • Michigan Goat

    So glad that team meeting and Q’s rant was productive, the players are REALLY showing what they think of their fearless leader.

  • Michigan Goat

    This team has been a lazy, poorly executing team since Sweet Lou mentally quit last year and Q has done nothing but allow it to continue and get worse. It’s time to sell, sell, sell but that won’t happen till Hendry is gone. But be prepared, whoever leaves will do better in their new home because they won’t be allowed to preform so fundamentally lazy.

  • MichiganGoat

    So I read this comment from Quade in reference to his “closed door” meeting:

    “I guess Knute Rockne I’m not,” Quade said.

    No Shit! At least he got that right.