For six weeks, Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade has found silver linings.

Whether it was the lack of timely hitting, the injuries in the rotation, the struggles of usually-consistent veterans, or sloppy defensive play, Quade always had a line for how the team was going to use the travails of the early season to improve. Among the more cheery sentiments, Quade recently declared that the team was going to start hitting with men in scoring position eventually “just because.” The statistical likelihood of Quade’s position notwithstanding, his positivity seemed equal parts laudable and naive.

But no more. Mike Quade is pissed off. And he was all to happy to tell the world after Monday’s embarrassing 7-4 loss to the division-leading Reds.

“You get beat, you struggle, but that was embarrassing,” Quade said to reporters after the game. “That shit’s got to stop.”

“Nothing’s f*cking easy up here,’’ Quade went on. “You’ve got a nice 4-0 lead, Z’s cruising and everything’s hunky-dory. I got f*cking news for you: It ain’t routine till the freaking thing is over.”

“We’ve got to make damn sure we’re looking for every opportunity to add on when we get a chance and we’re looking for every opportunity to close things out when we get the chance. We’re not good enough to coast at all. Any aspect of the game. Any of us.”

Presumable Quade is including himself in the sentiment, given it was his decision – or non-decision – to leave in Zambrano, who, although he cruised through five innings, was getting smacked around by the Reds in the sixth, for two or three batters too many. Pairing that decision with the decision to bring in Marcos Mateo, rather than stalwarts Kerry Wood or Sean Marshall, to try and stop the bleeding in a still-close game, and Quade deserves plenty of the blame in this one.

But, of course, Quade doesn’t play the games.

Mike Quade isn’t the one booting balls in the outfield. And he isn’t the one who can’t get a hit with men on. And he isn’t the one throwing meatballs.

To that end, it’s good to see him finally coming to grips with the reality of his situation: this team has serious flaws. Getting angry about it probably isn’t going to help, but neither was blowing sunshine up everyone’s collective ass.


  • al

    right on dude!!

  • Brian

    Maybe there will be a little life in the clubhouse now?

    • MichiganGoat

      This is not Sweet Lou, Jim Leyland, or Tony LaRussa… a tantrum like this only works when your team or staff is behind you because they know that you are a proven winner. If I just got a job, had tough start, and then just blew up and screamed for everyone to get better it would only have a negative influence. A strong leader uses outburst as a motivator, and its only effective if your team KNOWS you can lead them to success. This team has no faith in Q and this is only going to create tension in the clubhouse… not to mention its going to give the media something negative to talk about. Great job “Fearless Leader”

      • awesome

        lol, agree. i tore up my thoughts, you said what i felt.

  • MichiganGoat

    I see this more of a continuation of Q losing control of his team. Its one thing when an established manager with success under his belt loses his cool and drops the hard F’s on the media, but its another thing when a manager that has done nothing successful this year breaks down and throws a tantrum. I don’t see this helping, he does not have control of his team and a fit like this only makes him look more out of touch.

    Its time Ricketts, its time

  • jstraw

    He needs to own the part of the shit that’s got to stop that’s on him. Zambrano was rightly furious about being left in that long. That he merely ranted to Jaramillo about it was a miracle. Look, once he was out of gas…what was he supposed to do? Once the guy on the mound is no longer pitching effectively, every base runner is the result of a management decision. That game went from still winnable to unwinnable based on Quade’s management.

    Who the hell was coasting? Sometimes a pitcher just can’t find the handle. Quade’s an idiot.

  • MichiganGoat

    I may be beating a dead horse here (but so is being a Cub fan), but I think this is the first time we have seen Q show how unprepared he is to be an big show manager. So then on I read this additional quote from this rant:

    “We’re beating ourselves way too much,” Quade said. “We got enough issues competing as it is without beating ourselves. … If I’m going to lose sleep, I’m going to have my say before I do.”

    This sound like “if I’m going down I’m taking this whole f***ing thing with me”… IMO he is just is not able to handle the pressures of the big league, he is being reactionary instead of purposefully when this rant and it gets us no where. I look at the south-side skipper and see him use his rants and raves as a way to take the blame and pressure off his team and place the story on him when the Sux’s struggle, but Quade’s rant puts all the blame on the team, adds to the attention of their struggles, and at the same time takes the blame off him. THIS IS NOT WHAT A LEADER DOES!

    • VanSlaw

      “We’re beating ourselves way too much”

      So now he’s going to deprive himself along with Sunshine?

      • Ace

        Ha. I get it.

  • jh

    I have never gotten the impression that the team is not behind Quade; they really pulled for him in the offseason. Unfortunately for him this is just not a good team. It is flawed in a lot of critical areas and does not have veteran leadership. Look at three of your most tenured vets, Z, Aram & Sori and that shows you what this team is lacking. Byrd and Pena have tried to do their best to motivate this team but a decent centerfielder & one year stopover are not going to be the heart of this team. Dempster with his struggles isn’t bestowing wisdom onto anyone. The worst part of this is not that Quade got mad, this happens; it is that he took no responsibility for the mistakes that he has made. For every error, bad base running, etc. made by an individual player, Quade has made a bad managerial decision. It appears he cannot see that and ultimately will lose this team before he goes back to the minors for some other organization.

    • Ace

      You’re right, though, it’s probably not in his interests to say, “Yeah, I’ve screwed up repeatedly this year, and might be in over my head. Please don’t fire me.”

    • awesome

      he should have gone down with Colvin.

  • Dave

    Wonder how Ryno is liking Lehigh Valley….

    • Ace

      Probably not well. Still no reason to be certain he wouldn’t be having his own problems here – and then we’d be more conflicted about lobbing appropriate criticism.

      • MichiganGoat

        I think that was one of the reasons he didn’t get the job. Anyone was going to struggle this year, maybe not as bad as Q though, and I think there was hesitation to put a Cub legend in a lame duck position that would only tarnish his record; however, it obviously was not handled correctly and we may never get my childhood hero back.

      • Jeff

        The problem with that is that I could almost guarantee Ryno wouldn’t have put up with laziness, indifference, slacking off, or sloppiness. Not sure how he would have handled the pitching staff(he had a pretty good track record in the minors), but I’m pretty sure the team would have at least play good fundamental baseball for him.

        • Dave

          Hall of Famer carries a little more weight than guy who spent 70 years as a minor league coach*, so maybe the team would have listened to Sandberg.

          *Unless that Hall of Famer is Joe Morgan, fuck Joe Morgan

  • VanSlaw

    Poor Sunshine. There’s no reason he should suffer along with the rest of us.