Though there isn’t an official release quite yet, multiple sources are confirming that AAA outfielder Tony Campana is indeed Tyler Colvin’s replacement on the Chicago Cubs. Campana will be with the Cubs in Cincinnati tonight when the team closes its two-game series with the Reds.

Campana, 24 (soon-to-be 25), was a 13th round pick in the 2008 draft out of – ta da – the University of Cincinnati. Because of his size – 5′ 8″, 165 pounds – Campana is not really considered a prospect, though, with his speed, he could conceivably carve out a nice niche as a bench player. Expect to hear the word “gritty” thrown around liberally. He could even become the next Sam Fuld…

Campana was hitting an impressive .342/.383/.442 with eight steals at Iowa after an equally impressive 201o season at AA Tennessee. He’ll rotate into the outfield equation, but only occasionally, as he’s almost certainly behind Reed Johnson on the depth chart.

Query why Campana got the call rather than older, even-more-non-prospect Lou Montanez, who’s also tearing up AAA. If the Cubs were looking for a warm body, Montanez would have been the guy. As it is, I suspect the Cubs like Campana’s speed, and maybe even upside.

  • N

    Does Lou Montanez have options? This is always so impossible to figure out, but whoever got called up today probably isn’t staying up for the entire year and Campana might just be easier to send back down without losing him.

    • Ace

      That’s a fair point. And no, to my knowledge Montanez doesn’t have any option years left. If the Cubs called him up and then wanted to send him back down, he’d have to clear waivers.

  • TWC

    Heh. Sam Fuld. He was the greatest player in the world the the Cubs were so stupid to get rid of, right? He was so awesome that his new team made him a superhero, right? He was the final straw, the last nail in Hendry’s coffin, right?

    Yeah. Until he wasn’t. Because, frankly, he’s not — nor has he ever been — all that good. Yep, he’s got hustle. Yep, he’s got heart. But no, no he’s not that good.

    Say what you will about Hendry and his terrible, terrible management of the the team and the veterans — I know I do — but when it comes to young guys, while he may be guilty as hell of inflating their potential, he does know how to get rid of them. Witness Corey Patterson, Felix Pie, Rich Hill, Rich Harden, Fuld, Cedeño, Matt Murton, Hoffpauir. I’m all ears to the argument that these players were never developed ‘correctly’ (whatever the hell that means), but Hendry sure can dump former prospects.

    • Ace

      The Fuld hype machine was insane – the fact that people were referring to the Garza trade as the on in which the Cubs sent the Rays Fuld for Garza was just insane. Fuld was the throw-inniest of throw-ins ever.

  • pfk