It hasn’t been three weeks since the last Cubs win, it just feels that way. And, despite the win, the Cubs went 2-11 with runners in scoring position, for good measure. Can’t go ruining their reputation for a lousy win. Separately, Reed Johnson should probably be starting a bit more, don’t you think?


  • TWC

    Reed Johnson absolutely crushes the Marlins. Like a career .415 or something ridiculous.

    And I take back everything I’ve ever said, thought, or tweeted about Koyie Hill. He is truly the greatest hitter of his generation.

    So, Ace, about that delete and/or edit buttons for comments…

  • Zach

    I definitely think that Reed Johnson should be playing and that he should be playing for Soriano because Reed hustles and knows how to play defense.

    • jstraw

      Yeah. Soriano can just be the DH.

  • Skooter

    In all fairness, Ace, Reed should have been starting more from the start, but you really haven’t had anything nice to say for months. The dude is solid, like it or not. Amazing? Stellar? What the cubs need for the long haul? No. But utterly solid.

    • Ace

      Totally fair criticism. He looked done to me (and many others) in ST and the first two weeks. Clearly, he’s not.

  • Blinda

    I might just have to take my Samardzija jersey shirt out of the donation pile

    • TWC

      He’s the greatest pitcher of his generation.

      • awesome

        LOL, could be a solid starter.

        • MichiganGoat

          I really don’t understand why they don’t want to try him in that role… that is why he was drafted and given a ridiculous paycheck. If I was Hendry I’d push for that since IF, IF he is successful he can use that to try and justifiy his job or at least as a resume point. And IF, more likely when, he bust as a starter its really a non-foul he can always blame Jeff for not seizing the day ala Colvin. I just don’t see the harm in trying, do we really think Doug Davis is going to be anymore successful?

          • TWC

            His paycheck may seem ridiculous compared to yours or mine, but he’s making less than the MLB average this year, with club options for just above average for the next two. Grabow — yes, John Grabow — is making 2.4 *times* Samardzjia’s salary this year. Orel Hershiser picks his teeth with guys like Grabow.

            But his $10 mil signing bonus? THAT was some crazy bullshit.

            • MichiganGoat

              its the 10 mil I was referring to

      • Ace

        Orel Hershiser is tugging at his collar once again.

  • willis

    I am praying Johnson starts tonight instead of that loaf Soriano. When he isn’t hitting (which he isn’t) the guy is a flameout at the plate and a huge liability in the field. In short, he blows.

    Almost every time Johnson has been called upon this year he has delivered, and he isn’t going to kill you in the field. Why not start him tonight?

    • Ace

      Agreed. No reason not to give him a look. He could play center, too…

  • JK

    Can someone please tell Ramirez that when the ball is hit he is supposed to run no matter what. Thanks