I’m not interested in pooping on Marlon Byrd’s game-winning home run last night, his second home run of the year. I am, however, going to take a huge dumpalumpagus all over the fact that it yielded just his ninth RBI of the year. It’s almost June, and he’s been batting third most of the season, behind guys whose OBPs are approaching .400. That’s just criminal, and it ain’t Marlon Byrd who’s to blame for it.

  • Speaking of blame, Jim Hendry is still blaming Tyler Colvin for the outfielder’s struggles to start this season. Hendry is not totally wrong, but it seems strange to be saying it – repeatedly. There’s got to be a more diplomatic way of responding to questions about Colvin than saying this: “I told him, and he agreed [that] he put himself in this spot. He didn’t produce. But [the talent] is in there.” Hendry added that Colvin could be back up in just a couple weeks, though he didn’t say what kind of move would need to precede a Colvin return.
  • Yes, I said repeatedly in Spring Training and early in the year that Reed Johnson was done. He looked done (I did say when the Cubs picked him up, however, that, if used properly, he could still be useful). I’m very pleased to have been wrong that he was done. Johnson is now sporting a .400/.457/.700 line in 40 at bats this year. And I’m sporting, well… I’m pleased.
  • Dave Kaplan is pretty angry about the Cubs (as, I think, most of us were after the Reds’ series). Among his recommendations, move Aramis Ramirez down in the order, bench Kosuke Fukudome and maybe Alfonso Soriano, and move Starlin Castro to second base. I’m not sure where I am on those, but he also says the Cubs should be taking fielding practice and practicing bunting every day. Can’t say I disagree on those two.
  • Fangraphs talks about the possibility of regime change in Chicago, and Bruce Miles – usually mild-mannered and always insightful – makes an impassioned case for terminating Jim Hendry (whether he intended to make such a case or not). Expect a long post on the merits of moving on from Hendry later today.
  • Tony Campana beat cancer as a kid. As an adult, he’ll beat the world.
  • MichiganGoat

    At this point I wish the Cubs to move Byrd or Fuk, but I just don’t think we will get anything in return. I know right now it seems that if we can move either of them then ReJo can get the playing time and become a triple crown threat. BUT maybe ReJo has become a great, I say, say great son, pinch-hitter/utility player and can be part of our 2012 season. He is exactly the type of player we love to love, but he hasn’t exactly been a more than an average starter in his career… so maybe he is in the perfect role for him, in a city that loves I’m okay with that.

  • Jeff

    I am all for dumping salary and letting the young guys play. What I want to know is at what point does draft pick compensation come into consideration when dumping guys? This will probably be a bigger problem this year since Hendry is in lame duck status. I don’t think Fukudome will get type A, but if he continues to hit the way he is, he will give them some kind of compensation, which may be better than trading him for a marginal prospect while eating salary. ARam could possibly bring a first round pick back with his history, and you can never tell what some relievers are going to give back. I’m kind of worried that if they just go and dump salary we will end up with more Blake DeWitts and Cesar Izturis’, as opposed to letting some of them walk and getting draft picks back. I sure as heck would have rather had draft picks than the guys they got back for Ted Lilly or Derrek Lee last year.

    • Ace

      I don’t think it comes into consideration much with this crew – remember, in order to get the compensation, the Cubs have to offer arbitration (and the accompanying one-year contract that would almost certainly be for a raise), and the player would have to reject it.