The Boston series is going to be a tough one, no two ways about it. The Cubs catch a bit of a break in the way the pitching match-ups line up, though. They face their toughest test in Jon Lester with Doug Davis going (so they might have lost anyway), but then get to throw Garza and Zambrano at Aceves and Wakefield.

  • Casey Coleman’s start against the Marlins was very good – 5.2 scoreless, striking out seven – but there are a couple knocks, which have persisted in his starts. He gave up too many baseruners (4 hits and 5 walks), and threw way too many pitches (109). If he wants to be the one who keeps his rotation spot over Doug Davis when Randy Wells returns, he’ll have to step it up even more, as I can tell you that the Cubs are going to be predisposed to giving the job to Davis.
  • Assistant GM Randy Bush sounds like he would probably disagree with me about firing Jim Hendry. On the subject of the farm system, Bush says continuity is the reason things are looking up. “We’ve got the right [scouting director] in place. And we’ve got some continuity now, with the people underneath [Wilken] that he feels real comfortable with. I think a lot of other [successful] organizations will tell you one of their keys is continuity of people in key evaluation positions.” We know that Randy reads Bleacher Nation, so maybe the Hendry article nudged him a bit.
  • Alfonso Soriano may be the primary DH in the Red Sox series, which, like, duh. Do it.
  • Want to feel old? Starlin Castro “grew up” idolizing Hanley Ramirez. I mean, isn’t Hanley still a really young guy?
  • We’re two weeks away from the Draft. The Cubs pick 9th in the first round, and most mocks have them taking uber prospect Bubba Starling, and then throwing a ton of cash at him to keep him from playing football (which is the Cubs’ MO) at Nebraska.
  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    “C” is for continuity. Will that become a new Cub buzzword as this season continues and if Hendry’s future keeps getting brought up?

    • Ace

      I suspect that it will be.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    One of the definitions of continuity in my Merriam-Webster dictionary; “persistence without essential change.” There should have been a picture of Hendry along with the definition.

    • awesome

      LOL, sure he wants Hendry to stay, cause if they fire Hendry, the new guy would clean (front office) house. as for the minor league guys, why would they leave a good job? the new guy might want them back. hey, Bush may be the new GM.

  • jstraw

    Randy Bush is full of it. No one…NO ONE has explained to me how that continuity gets broken if Hendry is fired.

  • Jeff

    I wonder if this means plans are for Hendry to move up to Team President or similar role, a la Andy McFAIL. Then Bush moves up to GM, Wilken to assistant, etc. Or is that just the eternal Cub’s fan in me thinking of worst case scenario?

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Hmmm? I never thought of that. Would Hendry moving up to President be worse than having him stay on as GM?