Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 1, Red Sox 5 – May 22, 2011

Although I expected the Cubs to lose tonight, I thought the reason would be Matt Garza’s absence. Shame on me for forgetting the other culprit: the Cubs’ offense against a struggling, soft-tossing pitcher. On the bright side, the Cubs have almost single-handedly turned around the seasons of Tim Wakefield and Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

I’m left thinking of what might have been…

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27 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 1, Red Sox 5 – May 22, 2011”

  1. Dan0mite

    You forgot the best part Ace. Another Cubs player got injured. Baker strained his left groin, the sane injury Soto is currently out with.

  2. jh

    Is out-classed the right word for this series? What a divergent path for two franchises once considered very similar. As much as i hate watching this i cannot help but feel it is what this team needs right now. Better times ahead my friends.

  3. Serio

    So is this looking like sell sell sell?

    1. Spencer

      Yeah, maybe St. Louis will keep winning and the Cubs will fall out of contention faster and Hendry will be let go and we can abandon all pretense about pretending to actually compete with everyone else this year. Too many injuries already, not enough clutch hitting, and a pitching staff (the ones that haven’t been injured) that has underperformed.

      1. Raymond Robert Koenig

        Well put! Remember. Continuity.

  4. Dan0mite

    With the lackIng offense and injuries, it is certainly looking that way.

  5. Michigan Goat

    Can’t help but wonder how close we were to getting AGon, what would we have had to give? The mans a beast, just imagine what he would get on the open market after this season- the Red Sox got him on the cheap. Ah what could have been.

  6. Ian Afterbirth

    Ace replaces Hendry and we all serve as his star cabinet.

    We pool all of the money we have in the world and buy the team, again installing Ace as GM.

    We can do this if we take it step by step.
    All we need to know is what he first step is.
    I swear to god this do-able.
    I’m quite serious.

    Let us make manifest the will of all good Cubs fans everywhere!!!!!

    1. pfk

      Then, when Ace has his first 3 game losing streak, we get all over his case and come up with 26 reasons his ass should be fired. LOL

      1. Jeff

        A is for Ace, because he has a silly nickname
        B is Biased, because no Cubs fan can look at it’s players without bias and fairly assess the talent
        C is for Crappy Owner, because as long as the owner has his head in his a** about building a winner, it won’t matter who the GM is.

        That’s the limit of my creativity on Monday morning. Seriously though, if Ace was really the GM, I wouldn’t be writing lists, I’d be applying for a job. Scout, “Entertainment” director, Assistant to the GM, Guy in charge of picking the hot chick to represent the Cubs each series, I’ll take any of them.

    2. miggy80

      I think Ace would work best as Pres. then he could hire Greg Maddox as GM, Ryne Sandberg as Manager and Steve Stone as pitching coach. Then Chip Carry would come back and broadcast game again!

  7. willis

    6.5 games out isn’t just out of this world terrible. 6.5 games out with half the team on the shelf, and the other half playing like dong eaters is terrible. Time to sell, if anyone will have anything this team has. Nice the #1 trade piece just got his face broken. Hooray.

  8. Jeff

    So a sloppy as heck 8th inning on Saturday keeps this from being a sweep and complete disaster of a trip. I guess that was the best case scenario we could have hoped for out of James Russell, was that his peak as a starter?