For once it was the Cubs taking advantage of a cavalcade of mistakes by the other team. Tough to be as excited about the win as you’d like to be, given the Byrd and Garza news, but still, a loss would have only made it worse.

And yet, despite the win, I can see only one thing in the box score…

  • Brian

    The Lowrie dropped pop-up was fun until I remembered we don’t have a starter for today’s game!

    • Ace

      Yeah. The Cubs are always ready and willing to provide a downer to counteract any positive feelings you might be having.

  • Ian James

    I can see that Johnson got 2 more RBI.
    I haven’t been able to watch one single game this year – I live in northern Vermont in a spot with no cell phone or high speed internet service (not to mention a mountain blocking any possible satellite dish – I can’t even get a regular local channel).
    All my info comes from the Trib and this site.
    It reminds me of the old days when I lived in NYC in the 80s and scoured the papers for clues about the team, but even then I got to see them when they played the Mets.

    • Ace

      I’ll try to keep you apprised as best I can – hopefully you’ll get to see them sometime soon (well, given how they’ve looked in most games, maybe “hopefully” is the wrong word).