Today, following his release from the hospital, the Chicago Cubs placed center fielder Marlon Byrd on the 15-day disabled list and recalled pitcher Justin Berg from AAA Iowa.

Byrd, who was hit in the face last night with a pitch, suffered multiple facial fractures and a deep gash on his left cheek. He’ll head back to Chicago with the team tonight, and is expected to see team doctor’s this week.

So, while there still isn’t word on how long Byrd will be out, for now, the Cubs will go with a combination of Reed Johnson and Tony Campana in center field, and will eventually bring up another positional player. Tyler Colvin, who was sent down last week to get regular starts, probably will not be the guy because (1) players typically can’t come back up until 10 days after they were sent down (though there is an exception for injuries, but the recalled player must replace the injured player – won’t happen here), and (2) the circumstances surrounding his demotion are largely the same (i.e., he’s still behind three other outfielders, at least). I’d also not expect the Cubs to call up top prospect Brett Jackson – a center fielder – unless they expect Byrd to be out for a significant period of time.

Fernando Perez is the only other outfielder on the 40-man who isn’t on the active roster, so he’s probably the guy. Lou Montanez is another option, though he’d have to be added to the 40-man. The Cubs could also go with a utility type like Bobby Scales.

As for Berg, he’s been shuffled up and down already a couple times this year, and he’ll serve as depth in the bullpen while Matt Garza is out. He or Scott Maine is likely the guy out when the Cubs bring up a positional player later this week. For now, the Cubs go with 13 pitchers and just 12 positional players.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Looks like Zambrano didn’t retaliate enough. Maybe Russell will tonight.

  • Brian

    Just saying… it would be pretty cool to see Kevin Youkilis take a fastball between the eyes tonight…

    • Ace

      Nah, nah, nah. Never secretly (or openly) pine for a dude to take one in the head. I wouldn’t even wish that on Lance Berkman.

      • Brian

        Yeah I guess the head is too much damage for the guy. It’s too bad to see Byrd go down just as he was heating up.

        I don’t even want to think about the Garza situation. The last thing this team needs is to limp into June on crutches.

        Maybe another error-spree by Boston would make up for Byrd… that seems a little more humane than a head shot.

        • Ace

          I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cubs do throw at someone tonight, Zambrano’s Youk shot last night notwithstanding. I think they’ll probably do the ‘ole throw-behind, though. Seriously can’t afford to give any extra base runners tonight.

  • Serio

    Ace have you ever thought on live chat during a game?

    • Ace

      I have, and it’s definitely something that will happen in the future. I’m not sure if it will be a chat box or a game thread, but it’s coming. The catch is, I don’t want to start doing it until there is a large enough contingent of folks who would participate – nothing looks worse than a ghost town of a game thread.

      I’m hoping to start doing it later this season, or the start of next season at the latest.

      Also, why the keyboard penis?

      • Serio

        I like the keyboard penis. It shall be my mark

        • Ace

          Like a wang-interested Zorro?

  • Roughriider

    Santo had a similar injury in 1966 when he was hit by Mets pitcher Jack Fisher. He was on a 27 game hitting streak and was hit in the face. He think he was out for about 15 or 16 games with a fractured cheek bone. After that he was the first major league to hit with a flap on his batting helmet to protect his face. Pretty gruesome.

    As far as retaliation. How ? No one (except Ben Christensen or Juan Marichal) wants to see another player injured like that.

    • http://Bleachernation Bric

      Stong reference to Christensen- I forgot that one… and him. Another one of hendry’s sterling nunber one picks (insert keyboard penis here).

  • Hogie

    Isn’t Brett Jackson on the DL with a messed up hand?

    • Ace

      He is, though he’s been on the 7-day DL for about 10 days – Cubs originally said he’d be out no more than the required 7 days. Not sure what the issue is…

  • hardtop

    I think maine should be sent back down. I have not been impressed with him, last year, or to this point. what am i saying, i’ve been downright disgusted with maine… and russell, and coleman, and berg…. mildly disgusted with grabow, woody (recently), and mateo. havent seen enough of wells and cashner to be disgusted with them.. yet. but with the exception of garza (due to more non-crappy starts than crappy starts) ive been terribly disgusted with the starting pitching! sorry for the pitching rant, i guess this all means im disgusted with hendry.

  • Jay

    Boy this is BullS@$T!! It’s about time Hendry gets some G#$da$%ed pitchers up here because this is flat out bulls#$t!! This guy just walked 3 straight on 12 pitches!!! The Mets? The Mets?? Are you kidding me? We just had a 4 friggen run lead and we can’t get anybody friggen out??? This is about bulls#$t!!!!