Tonight it was the Mets who kicked the ball around, but even if they’d played flawless defense, they still weren’t going to win. Ryan Dempster cruised, the bats came alive, and there were a couple solid defensive plays. Smiles all around – I’ll even change up the look to celebrate.

It almost takes the sting out of the Matt Garza DL news. Oops, there goes my smile.

In a rare moment of organizational foresight, Lou Montanez was drafted by the Cubs third overall in the 2000 draft, and …

  • http://Bleachernation Ramy16

    Wow..nice win, and nice for lou montanez.. And I saw big z got a hit too

  • Jeff

    Hey, it took Jose Bautista some time to figure things out too, maybe Montanez is finally ready to break out……

  • TWC

    Blue? Blue?!. Crazy…. Fun night.

    Ace, BTW, your “Boo-urns” tweet was some seriously funny shit.

    • Ace

      See, folks? This is why you should be following Bleacher Nation on Twitter! There’s funny shit to be had.

      (thanks, TWC)

  • Skooter

    I was saying boo-urns…

  • Spencer

    It feels good when another team makes three errors and gives up 5 unearned runs.

  • Hogie

    Big Z gets to pinch hit… wonder how Dewitt or Castillo liked that shot.

    Need some ice for your junk?

  • PFK

    Ace, your “Enhanced Box Score” is one of the most creative things in sports journalism. They are spot on and make me laugh. A great way to start the day. Thanks.

    • Ace

      Thanks, PFK. They’re fun to do, and I’m glad I’ve been able to make them my “thing.”

  • Ian Afterbirth

    I like this layout much better.
    It’s easier for my old eyes to read…

    • Ian Afterbirth

      And Johnson has 16 RBI…

      • Ace

        Which is five more than Byrd in 1/3 of the at bats…

    • Ace

      Is it the blue that’s easier to read? (the box score itself is slightly larger, too)

      • TWC

        I think that the red is usually more appropriate for the emotion that we feel when reading them.

        I do wish that you’d include some of the bottom-line stats from the pitchers (inherited runners scored, number of pitches/strikes, batters faced, etc.) — that stuff can be pretty informative. Like in last night’s box… we could more fully appreciate the colossal wonder that is John Grabow.

        • Ace

          I would like to include that stuff, and used to. But, for what I hope are obvious reasons, I don’t retype those box scores in their entirety. And the format they come in have the bottom-line stats in a way that’s not conducive to blog posts. Believe me, I want to include them (and frequently want to highlight them).

          • TWC

            Ha, yeah, they’re screen grabs from the MLB site, I know — I never thought you retyped them. That would be just crazy.

            Wouldn’t you think that MLB would just adjust their format to make it more convenient for you? Assholes.

            • Ace

              Screen grabs that are limited and modified as a parody of both the Cubs and the box score… :)

              • TWC

                *ahem*, yes… of course…

  • TWC

    Reed Johnson does indeed make some sick plays behind Dempster. Last night’s and that one against the Nationals you linked to on Twitter, also:

    (my favorite):


    and another:

    and another:

  • Caleb

    Almost 3 years ago the Cubs played the worst baseball in history against the Dodgers in the playoffs. At that time, Lou decided to sit the red-hot and Caleb-favorite Reed Johnson in favor of Fukudome. Something about righty/lefty matchups being more important than goodplayer/badplayer matchups. Fukudome, already hitting about .001 for the last month before the playoffs, went on to suck giant donkey dick. Reed never got a chance.

    I never forgave Lou for that decision, and when my friend brought it up on our road trip to Boston I felt all the old anger boiling to the surface again. Serenity now, right?

    Glad to see my faith in Reed Johnson pan out.